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    I’d like to make the home page full post and not excerpt, title featured image. Is that possible?

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  • Hello!

    In your theme Customizer, under Layout: BlogContent, can you please make sure Generate excerpts automatically is unchecked?

    In my Customizer, I have Layou: Blog (Posts), but there is no “Content” section. I’m using the free version. Is this part of the paid upgrade?

    Sorry, let me restate.

    It says: Blog (Posts Page) and that box is unchecked by the way already, but it’s still showing me the full post on the home page.

    Here’s a screen shot:


    To clarify, you do or you don’t want to show the full content of each post on the homepage?

    In your screenshot, I can see the featured image and the post title, but the content itself is cut off …

    I do want to show full post content of each post on the homepage.

    Currently, the box is unchecked, so it should show full post content, but it is not working. I dumped my cache just in case that was the issue, but it did not solve the problem.

    The box is unchecked, so it should show full post content, but is not working for me.


    I’m not sure why you’re hitting this problem. Do you have any plugins enabled? If yes, please try individually disabling these to see if one is causing this problem.

    I will try disabling plugins to see what happens and let you know which one conflicts.

    No, that did not work. Turned off all plugins, emptied the cache and still stuck on excerpts.

    Hi there,

    Have you added any content into the Excerpt fields for your posts? The theme option is “Generate excerpts automatically”, which means it will take your full post content and truncate it if no manual excerpt is supplied. However, the theme will always use manual excerpts on the Blog page if they are available, regardless of how that option is set.

    Ah, okay…so you should maybe update the documentation to reflect the second option above, because that is not clear. So it must have no excerpt in the excerpt field to then show the full post content, correct?

    I suggest updating this feature to ignore the excerpt text if the box is not checked. There will be times when someone decides they want to toggle the check box and they’ll have to go back through hundreds of posts to ad excerpts if needed.

    Does that make sense?

    Voila, yes…that’s it. If you leave no excerpt in the excerpt field, the full post will display.

    So, problem solved.

    Recommend switch it in a future update to ignore the excerpt if that box is unchecked. It took me a day of work trying to understand why it wouldn’t work, then 48 hours to contact someone and have them help me.

    All could be avoided with:

    1. Proper documentation
    2. Proper user experience, i.e. if unchecked, ignore the excerpt

    Very simple, but y’all made it more complex than it needs to be.

    Or, in the post, display a checkbox that says, “show this post as an excerpt” so that that the user can define. I see why it’s beneficial to be able to remove the excerpt on individual posts, so it would be great if that was written somewhere.

    Would have saved me 72-hours if it was in the documentation. Thanks.


    I’m glad the issue is resolved! And thanks for the feedback about the documentation. We will certainly consider it as we expand/improve that info.

    I have an account in (free account from WordPress website) and I can’t make full posts in the homepage.
    In Settings –> Reading I have already checked ‘For each article in a feed, show FULL TEXT’ and nothing happens.

    Could you please help?

    Thank you in advance.

    Hello Diana,

    Please ask your questions over on It’s super confusing because they’re both called WordPress, but is a completely different beast!

    Best of luck with your site!

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