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Can eventlist item link straight to page, skipping popup? (3 posts)

  1. happeningfish
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Heips, a question.

    I've noticed that in the php there's this bit:

    // link to event
    $class = ($whitelabel) ? '' : ' ' . $row->className;
    $out .= '<li class="fc-event round5' . $class . '" onClick="jQuery.aecDialog({\'id\':' . $row->id . ',\'start\':\'' . $row->start . '\',\'end\':\'' . $row->end . '\'});">';
    					$out .= '<span class="fc-event-time">';
    					$out .= $row->start_date;

    And I'm interested in using that onClick function to skip straight to the page that's indicated by the Event Link in the popup. That is, to skip the popup and go straight to the page.

    In the show-event.php that link is indicated like this:

    if (!empty($event->link)) {
    		if ($adjust < 1) {
    			$adjust = 1;
    		$out .= str_repeat("<br>", $adjust);
    		$link  = "<a href='{$event->link}' class='link round5 cat{$event->category_id}'>";
    		$link .= __('Event Link', AEC_NAME);
    		$link .= "</a>\n";
    		$out .= "{$link}";

    Can anyone tell me how to make the event list item link directly?
    Thanks very much!


  2. hvlawrence
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm curious about this too. I'd like to circumvent the popup and go straight to the linked page. Anybody know how to do this. I'm a noob to code of any kind, but can copy and paste!


  3. 6ril
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have troubles with the PHP here.
    I have a page with the events list but I also would like to display the 2 next events in my footer with my own CSS style. Could someone help me with the code I have to write in my footer ? It must be a kind of loop.
    Help is appreciated. Thanks

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