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    I dont understand the .php files for this theme
    Im trying to add my own div for the side bar but the .php files are
    setup weird to me. Im trying to put the title box for the right side bar above the box with all the content.

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  • Theme Author Silkalns


    You can do that by adding content inside sidebar-right.php (or other if you have different setup) right after

    	 * travelify_before_right_sidebar
    	do_action( 'travelify_before_right_sidebar' );

    There you can add code like this and it will be displayed on top of sidebar.

    <div class="some-info">Some info goes here</div>

    Thanks for the reply!

    what i want to do is make the titles of the side bar its own div.
    I want it to look like this themes

    Theme Author Silkalns


    For this you don’t need access to an actual php file but simply modify CSS for this theme widgets.

    if you still want to edit separate widget boxes you can find related php code in second functions.php file located in theme folder – library – functions. This might not be required to create styling you mentioned above.

    Sorry for all the questions im new to wordpress,

    But yea i can easily add a background color to the title, but the color doesnt stretch the full width of the sidebar because it has a padding. But i need the padding because i dont want the text on the very edge of the box

    Theme Author Silkalns


    You have to options:
    1. To increase size of the tile and add negative margin, so it covers that space.
    2. Add padding only for separate elements such as p, ul, li and others elements for widget area which is what developer for that theme have done.

    Inspace that them source to understand how it is done. The html is very similar for both themes, just styling is different.

    i didnt know about a negative margin that fixed my problem 🙂

    last thing.
    How would i go about making images inside of posts show on the homepage?

    Theme Author Silkalns


    If you are talking about regular images not featured images then they won’t be displayed there by default because theme uses the_excerpt instead of the_content function.

    However, there are 3 different blog template and one will display full blog content on front page. You just need to setup blog to use this template. You can find more information about that on theme documentation:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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