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  • My current site uses e107. I’d like to move everything from the reviews to the news/blog posts to WP. Would this be possible through some easy method, or is it a case of copy and pasting everything?

    My other concern in going to WP is that I often see sites where spammers post crap about going to site X for reams and reams of comment after comment. This really troubles me, as I would like anonymous users to comment, but I really don’t want some jackass spamming my site to visit their sex site.

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  • Since 1. I know of no import tool for e107, and 2. I’ve not an inkling of features in e107 in this area, do you know if it offers the ability to export to some other blog format that can act as an intermediary, such as MovableType, or even to something like say RSS? If so, then it may be possible.

    As for comment spam, there’s little to do to avoid it completely, but many tools and methods exist to greatly lessen their impact. I know it’s not forced me to shut out anonymous commenters. Yet…

    yes it has support for RSS – how can I use that to transfer the posts? I mean what will it do? Move them en masse into the relevant categories or stick them all on one category?

    I have about 300+ entries including reviews 🙁

    First you would need to increase the number of posts output to your RSS feed (best to be RSS2 for this). Let us say 300 or so, eh? It would also need to output the entire content of a post. I assume e107 offers you the ability to do this?

    Once you’ve “exported” your posts to an RSS file, use the RSS importer (at /wp-admin/import-rss.php). As long as your RSS file is in order, it should attempt to place posts in categories, retain post dates, etc.

    Note: As you keep referring to reviews, are these treated differently from posts, somehow?

    Sounds like a plan, one that would save me a lot of time. I’ll give it a go. Reviews use a diffierent plugin, though I think they can be set to to be used ina feed.


    You were right RSS feeds does work. It’s pretty useful, however, it only seems to display the summary of the content, rather than all the content?

    For example, on my site if you click read more it will provide a large text and there’s the bulk of the text. Headlines are fine, but I need it all imported, anyway I can do this through rss?

    The other thing is that it only provided the content for the front page, rather than every page, again how can I do this? The import works great and I can see how it will be very handy, but I need it to import all the content rather than just summaries.

    Thanks in advance

    It comes down to whether e107 can output full content, as well as all posts, to RSS. I’ve never used it so have no idea. However, I dug up a support site:

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