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  • Is it possible to get Dreamhost removed from the suggested hosting list? I think the list was still the same back in 2008.

    Dreamhost has been getting major hacks for the last 6 months not to mention that they really are only a mediocre hosting company. If there is any way we could get the recommended hosting updated it would save many people many headaches!

    I know many hosting companies get hacked and it’s hard to avoid in the greater span of time, but really consider the options from the time the list was created to the present.

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    Randy, please follow Esmi’s advice from your earlier thread:

    Due to the amount of spam that requests for “better” hosting companies attract, I’m afraid I will have to close this one.

    @randy: If you want to pursue this, I’d suggest posting in Requests & Feedback but be prepared to a slight delay before you receive a response. The Good & the Great may be away at a WordCamp.

    Edit: Randy, I humbly apologize. You were doing exactly what you were asked to do and I mistakenly closed this thread due to a lack of reading on my part.

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    The list has been changed over time (GoDaddy was on it in 2010 for example – see ).

    Hosting page, for reference:

    Wow, godaddy was on there? that’s odd too. Must have been the php upgrade that bumped them. I could only imagine the amount of requests you must get to be added to that list. In truth there are many more important things that this page.

    I am an organizer with the Nashville meetup and we get the hosting question every month, and MediaTemple is the only host on the list that seems to get verbal recommendations.

    thanks for you time

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    If you read the right-sidebar on the hosting page, you’ll see some info about how to get added. I would presume it’s the same to get removed. In my (limited) experience, it takes a pretty monumental level of drekitude to get yanked 😉

    Dreamhost has always been pretty good. Slowish on shared hosting but not noticibly slower than their direct rivals. As for their security issues, what differentiates them is that they are too open instantly owning up whereas other hosts preserve a wise silence. However, they usually fix things pretty fast ( not that any incident ever affected me in 6 years there ).Since they offer PHP5.3.5FastCGI and MySQL 5.1.53 running on Apache/Debian for basic shared hosting, I dunno what people actually expect more. ( NGinx option if one went the VPS route. )

    They are one of the firms people love to rag on.

    Plus, anyone who doles out free IPv6 addresses to every site, even cheap shared sites, is rather superior to most.

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