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  • Hi!

    A past developer or myself must have used this plugin to make changes on my site in the past (probably ‘find and replace’ function).

    Now that’s it’s ‘done it’s job’ and I’ve no longer used it for a long time, can I just deactivate it?

    Or, if I deactivate it, will the changes it effected revert back to the old code?

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  • You can safely deactivate it and delete it.
    If you delete it, you will lose the ability to revert to previous versions – the plugin makes its own backups of edited files, and you can restore them – but if you are sure you don’t need them, go ahead.

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    So I guess I’ll deactivate it first and see how it goes, then delete if I don’t notice anything strange in the coming week.

    Deactivating it will make your site respond a tiny bit faster because there is less to load. It’s just an editor, so it’s like if you close Microsoft Word on your computer, that won’t affect documents you have edited with Word but without it loaded, your PC may run a bit quicker.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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