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    I am trying to create a new post. I get the page type everything in, selecte a category and click on Publish. Everything disappears and I am taken back to the Posts page, but my new post is gone.

    I deactivated all plug-ins, but this still does not work. I am a front-end web designer with very little knowledge of PHP. I checked the forum topics and several years ago people having this problem “fixed the tables in their database” to fix the problem.

    I have no idea how to even access the database and if I did I would not know where to find a table and fix it.

    I am doing all edits to my site through Dreamweaver because IT here won’t allow me to download WAMP.

    My computer uses Windows XP. My host has supported adding pages and posts for the last 4 weeks, so this is new problem.


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  • A bit confused, Dreamweaver and wordpress? What are you editing. Are you on a server or local. If so just sign in as admin and add post.
    Wamp is for local install.
    Can you clarify a bit more.

    Wow, that is seriously messed up. Who is your host? Do you have any kind of access, CPANEL for instance? This would let you or a developer like me to access the database and check on the table needs repairing solution.

    When you are editing your site, I assume you are using Dreamweaver to connect via ftp, edit the theme files and save/upload changes?

    Where is the site? What is your URL?

    I am using Dreamweaver to edit the functions.php file to add a featured image to a post. It is part of a class I am taking for work. I can’t do it as localhost because IT dept won’t allow any downloads like WAMP. I do what I can on Admin page of WP but php and HTML changes are being done using Dreamweaver, then ftp, refresh my WordPress site (which is a sub-sub domain of our regular website) and see my changes.

    I finally closed out of everything and just went into WP and was able to add the post. There seems to be glitches like this when I am doing a lot of changes and saving a lot. I don’t know if it is because of the servers at work or WP. The hosting server is HostGator but our office has a lot of walls and things to keep their intranet safe.

    I never know if it is me, the program or their servers that cause occasional problems. 🙂

    I don’t use dreamweaver but to the best of my knowlege, it introduces extra unwanted bits to php in wp.
    The best way to change any of the php is via notepad or a php ide.

    To Flashbuddy:
    I checked my HostGator server and ran some checks and it stated database was fine.

    I’m using Dreamweaver to connect via ftp, edit the theme files and save/upload changes.

    I believe I get these things happening because I am constantly updating, saving, ftp, refresh over a 4 hour perior. It’s a lot because I’m still taking the course and it is a video tutorial. So I watch, then type instructions, then make changes.

    Thanks for your speedy reply. So far the shut down (not a full reboot) did the trick.

    Ah ha! HostGator. You could be sharing server space and resources with 800 other users.

    Honestly, I’ve worked on sites for hours and hours, ftp, edit, upload, rinse and repeat. It does not create any issues.

    Good best of luck with course

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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