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    Would it be possible that the auto update for WordPress versions (3.01, etc etc etc) just update WordPress itself and not the default themes, plug-ins, etc.

    I understand having them in the manually downloaded package, but in my case at least updating via the cloud causes unnecessary work.

    I don’t use Twenty Ten in most of my blogs (and the one I do is mod-ed), and really .. enough with the Hello Dolly already. The first thing I do after updating is delete them.

    And since the architecture now flags updates for themes as well as plug-ins .. can’t we just handle those that way?

    Just my two cents … thanks.

    BTW … totally loving 3.0x …

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  • Yes would second the idea, to separate update of WordPress core, from the updates of Twenty-Ten Theme.

    Reading through Trac, I learned that in 3.0.1 the only update for Twenty Ten Style-sheet css, is clean up and commenting code. Some of our installations use Twenty Ten, but with some minor changes, that we now need to repeat as the auto-update will overwrite the style sheet.

    As an volunteer administrator and support person for nonprofits, I wouldn’t need to worry about some of our installations, and just tell everyone to do the auto-update.

    What would be a two liner e-mail of ‘Go ahead’ and not worry, is now a “Go only ahead’ if you haven’t modified your style-sheet.

    5 or of ten have. 2 our of 5 will go ahead anyway, and will be surprised that their blog looks slightly different from what they used to have.

    Please consider a desynchronized update cycle between Theme Twenty Ten and WP. Let me know if there is something I can do to help you implement this.


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    This has been talked about many times. Probably not gonna happen.

    IF you are using TwentyTen as your theme and you have made changes to the theme STOP. Make a child theme. You’ll be happier.

    It’s really not about child themes … it’s about getting things I don’t want. If I don’t use twenty ten, and Hello Dolly, etc etc .. why do I keep having to download it?

    Because instead of running multiple installs, WordPress opted for just one, in which they MUST include a theme (there has to be some default) and they chose to include a sample plugin people could use to learn from.

    So the rest of us that don’t use those things can easily delete them, and the people who are brand new can learn. Not the best of both worlds, but a compromise.

    The child theme advice was for nfn4good, who seemed to need it.

    Akismet good plugin. But Hello Dolly is totally sh*t.

    Well .. it’s not like we’re talking about gigabyte-sized files here … the imprint on the WordPress servers would be minimal.

    And like I said, the infrastructure is now in place to update the other components easily. Before I could see where one-update-for-all was the most efficient way to go … but that is no longer the case … IMHO ..

    Looking at the trials and tribulations of un-forking WPMU back into WordPress for upgrades … Possible, and not super complicated, but also not something required. As you said, we’re not talking gigs here 🙂 If WP was huge, I’d agree. At the size it is, however, it’s non-trivial to delete.

    Maybe in the future, instead of a full replace upgrade, WordPress will selectively upgrade ONLY changed files. Or accept svn commands to ignore folders. We’re just not there with ‘need’ to drive this yet.

    Only changed files would be great ..

    and you’re right .. not really a ‘need’ .. but a very strong ‘want’

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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