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  • Hi,

    I run a WordPress website with this plugin installed. Today I have seen that a user was blocked and has requested to be put on the White List. I know that the user was only blocked because part of their username is in the SFS database, and I know that the user is genuine. However, when I click ‘Add’ for the entry nothing happens – the page loads but the request is still there and the user has not been added to the white list.

    I have tried the ‘Add’ link in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Does anyone know what’s wrong and how I can add the user to the white list?

    Thanks in advance

    Also, is there any way to make the plugin email me if a request to be put on the white list is made?

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  • I will check the white list code to see what is happening.

    Uncheck the “Check email” in settings. Then clear the cache. That should prevent SFS from rejecting the email. I am concerned that SFS is stripping the numbers off of email addresses when it does a lookup. It may be that in the future it will not be a useful service if this is true.

    I am testing the email option and I will copy it over to so you can download it and install on your site. I have not tested it enough to release it yet. Watch here and I will respond when it is ok to test it.


    Ok, thank you very much Keith, but just to let you know the user was blocked because their username was in the SFS database; their email address was not in the database at all.

    I’ll look forward to your next reply.

    Have you found anything yet then Keith? 🙂

    Is there a way I can add the user manually through phpMyAdmin or something whilst you’re working on an update?

    Thanks very much.

    Hi Keith,

    Really don’t want to seem pushy because I know that you must have a lot to do and I am grateful of your time but I’m against the clock so I just wondered if you could instruct me on how to add the user to the white list from the database or by using some sort of code?


    The easiest way is to add to the black list on the stop spammer settings page. Just cut and paste and then save.

    Remember to clear the cache on the history page or they will still get through.


    I don’t wish to add to the black list though, it’s the white list I need to add to as I’ve got a request from someone. There’s a username and email address so I’m assuming that they were blocked when they went to register on the website, and it was actually their username that was blocked. So do I just add their IP and email address to the white list; is the account automatically created when I do this or do I have to create the account manually.

    I’ve not used this plugin before so I’m not familiar with its workflow and I’m not sure when the user was actually blocked (what they were doing) but I think they were trying to create an account.

    Just add it to the white list and then the person should be able to register like normal.

    Uncheck the box “Check email address in addition to IP” as this is causing problems. Spammers are using email from legitimate users to thwart the plugin.




    Thanks for the great plugin. I have the exact question as the user above.

    How to you “add” someone to the whitelist? On the spammer history of your plugin for our site, there are 5 legitimate persons who are wishing to make comments on our site. They are listed under the “white list requests” section.

    When I click “add” next to their request, nothing happens. When refreshing the page, the same requests are there and it still says 5 users are requesting to be whitelisted.

    I want to approve these folks emails and user accounts.

    What do you suggest?


    Are they appearing on the Stop Spammer settings page under White List.

    Try downloading the latest version at

    I am in the middle of a rewrite, but the version on blogseye should be working well and has a few bug fixes.




    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Yes, the IP addresses are listed under the whitelist section on Stop Spammer settings. I guess that when you click “add” underneath the Spammer History —> Whitelist Request section, it adds the IP address as whitelisted.

    I see how it works now.

    Thanks a ton,

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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