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  • That’s all…I’m no PHP expert, and I don’t understand how to use custom fields, and there’s no plugin that works properly.

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    How about setting up a Custom Post Type with some custom metaboxes?

    Thanks for replying, Julia. The problem is that I have no idea how to use custom fields, having never used them before. The only sites I have found on the subject assume a familiarity on the reader’s part that I don’t have (and frankly, it all seems like a hack to me). Do you know of any site that has a “step 1…step 2…step 3” approach?



    This tutorial seems sufficiently step-by-step :). Take a look and maybe I can give you a hand if you don’t understand something. The codex is also worth a try.

    Julia…that tutorial, and every other one I’ve seen, might as well be written in Sanskrit.

    This should be simple: three fields, “Name,” “Price,” and “Description.” Repeated over and over again. But how? Not one tutorial says “Just do this, then this, then this.” Pardon me for venting–I realize this isn’t your problem, and you’re just trying to help–but there simply is no non-graduate level course out there for people like me who just want to get a start on things. It is excruciatingly frustrating.



    Hey, don’t worry. Let’s see if I can help.

    1. Open a post to Edit, any post you would like to have the custom fields.
    2. Look under the area where you edit the text of the post. Do you see another panel titled, “Custom Fields”?
    2.1 If you don’t see it, look at the upper-right corner, right under “Howdy, admin” (or whatever you user name is) do you see a button that says “screen options”? Click it. Look for the check-box that says “Custom Fields” and select it.
    3. In the “Custom fields” box, click on “Enter new”.
    4. Fill the name with one of the fields you want. Say: “Description”
    5. Fill the description.
    6. Click add custom field.
    7. Update post.

    You’ve successfully added a custom field!

    Now, you’ll need to edit your theme to actually display the custom fields, but first try the above and tell me if you run into any trouble.


    Thanks, but I’m not sure even that addresses my problem. I don’t want to add custom information to a post; I want to construct a menu on a page. Name, price, description; name, price, description; name, price, description, over and over again. I’ve tried plugins, and they break the site. I’ve tried Flutter, and it apparently doesn’t work anymore either (it adds “Restaurant Menu” to the dashboard, but when I click on it I get a “not found” error).

    So I’m down to begging for help.

    What you’re describing seems to suggest that I could create a menu if each item was a separate post, each one consisting of three custom fields. That makes it more difficult for the end user to edit later on; but more to the point, now, is: how do I arrange the posts? I need to show only the menu items, and not any other post; I need to be able to display them in whatever order the client decides; and on the blog, I have to keep the menu items from showing up. How is all this this done?



    Allright, seems like we’re talking about two different things ;P. Can you post an example of what you want? an image, a link to a similar site, etc?


    Here is the original site. I’m working to update it as a WordPress site (still under development…don’t expect too much), and I need to find a way to create the menus so they’re easily editable. I also need to incorporate this site, since the two restaurants are merging.

    The Ritrovo site was done in Concrete 5 (a problem in itself). In that, I was able simply to create a form with three fields, “Name, Price, Description,” and use that to fill the menu page. I have no idea if it’s possible to do something like this within WordPress without using a plugin. The article I found on using Flutter described a method for doing it, but only with the Flutter plugin, of course; and when I installed it, it didn’t work.



    Perfect, I see.

    The easiest way I can think of is -still- custom post types. You could have:

    1. A new panel in your admin area, say: “food”
    2. Any item in the food type would have three fields: name, price and description.
    3. You could create custom taxonomies to categorize those items: salads, meat, whatever.
    4. You could have the listing isolated in the menu area, and they wouldnt appear in the blog area.
    5. You could order the listing by any of the food fields.


    1. A bit of coding and customization required.
    2. Items would have to be edited one by one.

    Other than that, your best bet is a plugin, or writting your own one.

    Well…I guess the only thing to do is go off the high board into custom fields. As for writing my own plugin…I can <i>spell</i> “plugin.” Is that a start?

    Thanks for taking the time to help.

    There are several plugins for the job, some free, some not. Also, most restaurant themes have built in menu solutions, thats the easiest way to go when building a site for a restaurant client 🙂

    I too met the same barrier : wanting to use a specific theme and trying to find a plug in that my client could use easily but none of the solutions out there even come close to being a solution. Surprising to say the least. The Open Menu solution is the closest but expensive to expand to more than one client. Did you ever find a solution?

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