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  • …. a plugin that will display images in posts like the ones on this site?

    Mind you, it is not just about displaying images because I already know how to do that.I want to be able to display them neatly and beautifully just as they are in the above site.

    Oh yeah, I tried the autogallery plugin and had no luck.I saw while searching the site many people were left stumped with that particular hack so I prefer to try another.

    Much Thanks

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  • Allt hat is is sizing the image to fit the post size and then displaying the image in a post and using CSS to display a border around it… If you know how to display an image in a post than you already know how to do it..

    As I said, if anyone knows of a hack that will display images in posts as the above site does please let me know.The css that makes the pic lite is not important.I tried the autogallery hack too and adore the look it gives, but had no luck getting it to work.

    Much thanks again.

    Moderator James Huff


    A bit dismissive don’t you think? estjohn was just trying to help you out – The answer could have simply been “No (as you will see from macmanx’ links) there are currently no plugins that insert images similar to the site to which you refer” but how helpful would that have been? It is done with a simple css class. A plugin is unnecessary as a simple quicktag would do.

    Thank you Beel for your suggestions but I am still coming up empty.I have so far installed 4 different image tools that simply insert images rather than giving them that elegant gallery sophisticated look (if that makes sense).As I browse hundreds of blogs so many people seem to have that look going.Surely they have help somewhere.Are they typing in a bunch of html code evrytime they insert an image?

    Here is another example.

    See how this image looks raw

    and then how it looks once it is added to the post.It appears to be placed inside a frame/box?

    Much Thanks

    [edit]It was macmanx I meant to thank for his suggestions.

    Beel you have the look I am after on your site as well.The lake photo looks fabu.

    That is actually very easy, just pull the css for “a img” and imgborder and add it to your css… Mine is a bit harder as I add some shadow crap with divs, but you can grab the css and wrap your images like I have done.

    C’mon Beel, help a newbie out here.You know I have no idea what that means.Show some mercy here why don’t ya 🙁

    Here is how it is done…
    <div class=”imgborder”><a href=””><img src=”/images/whatever.jpg” alt=”Whatever” /></a></div>

    And in the css…
    .imgborder img {
        border: 1px solid #669999;
    .imgborder {
        text-align: center;
    a img {

    Normally I wouldn’t just grab someone else’s CSS, but this isn’t anything unique.

    Okay now this worked perfectly… Thank You Beel!

    If you want to do a dropshadow similar to mine, here is a handy little tutorial…

    And you guys type all that out everytime you post an image? Surely there must be a simpler way?

    I type in another program that has scripts I have written and just copy the finished product into WP. Others who use WP to write their posts may add a quicktag (or edit the img quicktag already there). Just do a search on editing or adding quicktags. There are “how tos” others have written.

    Edit: From the same site above, this may be current…

    Thanks… you have been very helpful 🙂

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