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[Resolved] Can anyone recommend a very simple table plugin?

  • followthatpath


    I’m using Weaver II theme and want to create a back catalogue of a load of magazines.
    So can anyone recommend a very simple table plugin or tell me in simple a,b,c… language how to do it – I’m no good at code, which doesn’t really help!!
    Basically I want something that will just contain Months (as 12 columns)and the Years (as rows, up to about 30) then people can select a month for any given year which will link to a PDF version of the magazine in question.

    I’ve looked at some but they all seem a little too complicated for what I want.

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  • scrambler
    Weaver contributor


    Ultimate Tiny MCE plugin has one among many other useful formatting options for the Content editor. But this will just create the Table structure so you can fill in content. you would have to style it manually.

    Remember Weaver has basic table styling in Main Options > Content Areas. Beyond that you need to use CSS Rules to change the styling of your table and NOT HTML attributes.

    Weaver uses CSS to style the table so any styling done with HTML attribute would be overridden by the CSS.

    There is a thread in the weaver forum about styling with custom CSS in weaver.
    In that thread someone mentions a more complete plugin for tables called

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