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  • Hi,

    I wondered if anyone could recommend a reliable WordPress plugin for popular posts (and ideally related posts too) that displays images that are the full width of the sidebar (e.g. 300 px) like those that appear on sites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post?

    I’ve used nRelate in the past for both related and popular posts, but it’s not working with my current theme and I also want the larger images. You can see my site here:

    The larger thumbnails (with titles below) that currently show in the sidebar are from the in-built Recent Posts option within the current theme. However as you can see, other posts don’t show as full images and I can’t figure out why! I’ve been in touch with the theme developers but still not been able to fix it. And even if I could, I’m looking to display popular posts, not recent ones.

    If anyone can suggest a solution that would be amazing! Ideally a brilliant plugin that is reliable, lean and easy to configure. But in that absence of such a thing, a more involved option would suffice 🙂

    Thanks massively in advance for your help and any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Hey did you ever find anything Tom?

    Hey jamiek47, thanks for asking and apologies for delayed response.

    The quick answer is yes and no! I didn’t manage to find any plugins specifically (and I’m still running the nRelate Popular Posts plugin). However my theme has some built in features that sort of look the part and are pretty much what I was after barring a few limitations:

    1). The text covers the bulk of the images – not a massive deal because many related/popular posts plugins are text only – meaning the pics are obscured.

    2). There doesn’t seem to be a feature for “Popular Posts”. The ones shown are “Recent Posts” or Featured Categories, which are less dynamic IMO and the Recent Posts option makes zero sense on the homepage where all those posts are shown chronologically anyway!

    So seems there is a bit of a gap for a simple, customisable WordPress plugin that actually generates such thumbnails. Considering the power of WP I can’t imagine it would be hard for a coder to pull off, though I personally wouldn’t know where to start!

    Even if there was a premium one for a small, one off fee, I’d pay it, no question there! BTW if you have any ideas or suggestions please do let me know 🙂


    I actually found a plugin which is pretty close to BuzzFeed.

    Check out Popularity Posts Widget!

    Thanks jamiek47, this looks like a good potential option at first glance. I’ll have a closer look shortly 🙂


    Hi twamoran

    Would you mind sharing some details such as the theme and plugins you have used on to achieve the end results?

    Thank you in advance!

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