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  • This issue is very important to me…my sole purpose for blogging is to find a blogging solution that will enable me to post via email. I cannot figure out why this doesn’t work….the documentation is sparse on this.
    I – also – have followed every post on here about trying to fix my blog to allow this to no avail. Can anyone who posts via email please contact me so I can get this to work?

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  • I use email posts all the time. Take a look at my email blogging with picture attachment parsing at and the modified script from rob at
    This new script will allow you to post attachments along with your entry through email and it makes small thumbnails and then makes them clickable.
    I have further refinements in the form of email posts from cell phones and moblogging solutions for SprintPCS and others. If you are getting errors, tell us what happens and we will take a look at your problem.
    PS: using non-html email is the more foolproof method

    ok. Thanks! I’ll take a look and see if I can get this to work for me. 🙂

    i am afraid i still cant get thes email-to-blogs to work snif…. itsah killah

    What problem are you having with getting it working?

    I thought I’d post under this topic without starting a new one. I’m not sure why blogging via email doesn’t work for me. I’m using 1.01-miles version. I tried to send an email and I did get the email I wrote in my inbox with no error, but it didn’t show up in my blog. I wondered if I’m doing something wrong. I checked POP3 acct and seemed to be allright. What else am I supposed to do in addition in setting up in Blog-By-Email settings? I used the subject prefix correctly but to no avail. I feel like I’m missing something here. Help would be greatly appreciated…I intend to use WP fully. 🙂

    Oh sadness. So after writing out that big ol post above, I did get $user_pass = str_replace(“\r”,”,$blah[1]) to work. Lovely. Welll, now it’s finding and deleting the mail, but does not add the post to the blog. Sigh.

    has anyone done this in version 1.2? as it seems to me there are different methods

    The limitations of the post-by-email feature seem to be twofold:
    The post only becomes visible once the server time meets or exceeds the email sending time. This is an issue if (like MANY people) your host is not in your time zone. If you are in New York, and send an email post to your server in Seattle, the post won’t show up for three hours. This does not seem to be intentional behavior, based on the various support postings I’ve followed on this.
    Second, the Permalink URL for your post won’t work at all if you use the SLUG feature of the URLs. The email-post feature does not set the SLUG and so your permalink will be broken until you log into your server and fix it manually. This also does not appear to be intentional behavior, but no fix for it have I found.

    has anyone fixed these problems lately?

    I’m not sure about the permalink thing, I think it works ok, but I had the same troubles with email (time mainly).
    Then I found a plugin by . . . .I totally forget now (damnit), but I want to say kitty moo moo(?) or kitten (?) or uhhhh yeah. . . that made some tweaks on the original and I’ve not had a problem since. It posts when I send it an email (though I’ve yet to set up a cron job – so I’m still doing that part manually if I do it) each time without a problem.
    Basically though, you’re looking for a “plugin” that uses a hacked up wp-mail.php, as little help as that is.


    tnx a lot for the link. will see if it will work for me. 🙂

    It’ worked! See it at Great! Thanks a lot. 🙂

    The link no longer works. Does anyone know where I can find this fix? I just got a Blackberry, and I’d really like to be able to use it to blog.


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