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  • can anyone please help me, i was hacked by Hmei7 and for three days now, ive been reading and trying everything i can to fix my blog myself, my host hasnt responded to my plea of help,

    i ended up deleting the blog off, then re installed it and imported a back up i had, only problem is some things are missing, i am now the only user, (i had lots if users/members)
    also my links pages and catogories are missing, i can cope with that but really want to restore my users,

    ive downloaded some programs and extracted 2 different back ups i have, it did uncompress them but i cant see a file with my users in the folder, can anyone help? id really appriciate it
    thanks jane

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  • i cant see a file with my users in the folder

    Your users are/were stored in your database.

    thanks for replying, does that mean i will have to restore a whole site back up to get them back? or does that mean ive lost them forever?

    when i moved hosts a few months ago i made a new blog and uploaded my back up into it and all the members were there and it was okay that time, so i dont understand how by doing the same thing its not working this time,

    my data base says im the only user when i go into my php admin.

    thanks for your help regards jane

    You may have lost them forever, I’m afraid. I can only guess that the database backup that you used this time was pretty old and taken before you had these additional users.

    no the back ups are just 5 weeks old, im sure theres something im doing wrong

    Have you examined the contents of the wp_users table in your .sql backup file using a plain text editor?

    yes theres just one user, me!

    So it sounds like you picked up an old db backup. Or those users were deleted from your site before you made that backup.

    i do have an even older back up is there anyway i can upload certian files from that only? in hope of regaining my useresm so as i dont lose newer posts and comments?, it is just a word press back up and not an entire website back up

    Uploading just the wp_user table isn’t really an option, I’m afraid. The tables in the WP database inter-relate. So as one table is updated, another may also get updated. With users, it’s the wp_usermeta table. Put it this way – I wouldn’t like to try doing it.

    Are these users just subscribers or so they have some other role? Authors, perhaps?

    thanks for your help, im going to go through the whole thing again tomorrow, i will delete it off and try using an older back up. ive made it work before, i must be able to do it again, ive been at it for 10 hrs today, so best start again in the morning with a fresh head. good night

    just saw your last message hmm i will try doing it, i may as well! ill let you know the results, and if i fix it ill let everyone know how, fingers crossed :- )all thes users are just subscribers

    ive fixed it now, had to upload a much older back up into my database.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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