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  • As soon as I figure out how to transfer my domain name to a different platform I am leaving WordPress forever.
    No support whatsoever. We have to rely on the forums, and nobody replies.

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  • So you’re blaming WordPress (the system) for its users not helping you ?

    Isn’t that kind of a weird ? Maybe you should google a bit more or search better. WordPress has been around for ages… I bet you are not the first who has these problems whatever those may be…

    That’s the same as not buying Coca Cola because the people in the store are rude to you.

    WordPress is a magnificent system with loads of options. Read the codex, a lot gets explained there.

    PS I would recomment going to and ask for support there. This is a WordPress support forum not a phpmyadmin support forum.



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    2 hours without a reply in a volunteer based forum is indeed a good reason to quit an excellent free cms platform 😉

    re phpMyAdmin:

    the WordPress Codex has some basic info

    i.e. you should be able to access it via the cpanel of your host.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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