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  • I want to track the number of people who bookmark my site – it’s a pretty good indication of interest.

    I’ve read that (somehow) it’s not possible to get an accurate indication of the number of people who bookmark a site. Is this correct?

    Since I’ve found no stats packages that show the number of bookmarks, I’m working along the lines of adding this to my page

    <link rel="icon" href="" type="image/gif" />

    and then tracking the number of times a favicon image is called – perhaps using Amazon S3 to store it,since they seem to have pretty detailed stats.

    Do you think this idea will work with WP? I can then use Analytics for any other stats that I need.

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  • That work-around is ingenious!

    Short of buying a high-priced, site-tracking software program or service, I think your idea will produce some interesting stats. The only thing you may want to keep in mind is that you’ll get more hits than just those from bookmarking clicks – especially depending on where and how you have your favicon set up. If yours is like mine, and is located in the templete’s header.php file, it will appear on any and all pages of your site. So, if someone is surfing around your blog, you’ll get hits for each page they view instead of one hit for the one visit. Worth exploring, though, as you could use the visitor’s IP address to identify the duplicates appearing at or around the same time of that “session,” and ignore them. However, on the flip side, if you focus on the stats from the urls of “referring” sites, you’ll see how many locations are sending people to your site via links on theirs. Still, though, using your favicon concept with Amazon’s tools is really clever! Frankly, what do you have to loose in trying? And it’s free!

    Just curious. Does your hosting provider have any site metering programs incorporated into its package? A few of mine do, and one offers several different “off-the-shelf” stats programs, like Webalizer, AwStats, and Analog Statistics, at no extra cost to track my site activity. They aren’t all inclusive, but do provide useful info without your having to incur the expense of those cost-prohibitive site metering products.

    I’d give it a shot and see what you think once you’ve had an opportunity to evaluate the results. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for any info I run across dealing specifically with tracking bookmarks, and if I run across anything, I’ll let you know.

    By the way, I submitted a Q to your reply on a post about displaying 1 or 2 of the most recent posts on a page, then titles only. The chain is here:

    Sure would appreciate your input on that Q.

    Thank you Karnesb

    First, I replied to your Q, but the short answer is no, I don’t have an answer, just a vague possibility in another direction 🙂

    As to the bookmarks, thanks for your reply. I don’t use a common header file – way too complicated when you want to put unique <title></title> tags on different category-x.php templates, or want to have different looks for different templates. So hopefully my favicon stats would be reasonably accurate.

    My host ( has all the standard hosting packages. In all honesty I’m unable to see why people bother with them. The only stats package I’ve ever found worthwhile was Advancelogger from, which is super fast, on ‘my’ own server, and allows me to download to CSV as many searched for keywords as I want, to find out how many bookmarks there are, to drill down as deep as I want, and to follow the user around if I desire. How do I usually use it? A quick look at the bookmarks for that day versus the number of unique visitors give me a very good indication of how I’m doing, followed by a quick scan of how many pages individual users are clicking on, followed by a scan down the list of keywords from Google and, if I can be bothered, from Yahoo. Then occasionally I look down the referrer page and see who’s sending me traffic. Only problem is I can’t get it to work with WP – it’s written in Perl, uses cgi-bin, and I have no clue on how to get it to work with WP or even if it’s possible to get it to work.

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