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  • It looks like your wp-settings.php file is missing…

    That’s the file with the settings for wordpress in.

    Have you edited it recently? Does it exist? It should be at:


    What are the permissions on it if it does exist?

    Thank you. But I think I figured out the problem… for some reason when I dled all my wordpress files from one host and tried to move them to another host the wp-include files didn’t get downloaded. I have no idea why but I’m trying to fix it now.




    thats not what that error means, richbradshaw.

    Thats the file generating the error because it’s looking for other files.

    surroget is mispelled. it’s ‘surrogate

    yea… it seems to be because somehow the wp-include set of files was never uploaded…

    If you notice there is actually a different error message now that I’ve started to upload those files. I hope that fixes everything.

    ok… what the heck is this error now?

    I looked at the line its talking about and it just says:

    // Set the from name and email

    Corrupt file. Syntax errors usually mean corrupted files. Re-upload the wp-includes folder.

    wait nevermind… for some reason it didnt uplaod the whole file. Stupid uploader

    What is it you call “uploader”?
    If you manage a website (and yes, a blog is a website) you should get a reliable FTP client.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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