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  • I cannot manage to get ANYTHING to upload into my my Media Library. I have tried the following:

    1. From the Dashboard, Media/New: I have tried both the Browser uploader (I have FF 3.52) and Flash Uploader (Flash v10). Using the Browser Uploader, the upload hangs and I get an incomplete page with the following address: “” With the Flash Uploader, the file will upload and “crunch,” yet NO MEDIA UPLOADS appear in the Media Library nor, if I check the directory via FTP, do the files show up in the default directory for media uploads.

    2. My Miscellaneous settings have the upload path as “wp-content/uploads.” This was the default setting. I’ve tried adding “uploads” and “wp-content/uploads” to the “Full URL path” – STILL NO MEDIA UPLOADS!

    3. As suggested in some posts here, I tried changing file permissions for the wp-content/uploads directory and the two subdirectories 2009 and 09, from “755” to “777.” This had no effect on my ability to upload photos from within WordPress – STILL NO MEDIA UPLOADS!

    4. I can upload files via FTP directly into the wp-contents/uploads/2009/09 directory; however, these files still do not appear in my media library.

    5. I have tried this with about six different files, all .jpg and all well under 1MB in size (350KB to 700KB).

    6. I can link to a photo but only if I use the full ftp address of the file, and I’m asked for my p/w each time I try to edit this page – I haven’t tried publishing this particular page but I assume the photo won’t load then either, without the p/w.

    7. I have already followed Otto’s instructions in the sticky – that would be the 6th “5-minute install” to date but again, no change – STILL NO MEDIA UPLOADS

    Any help appreciated. I spent five days just trying to install WordPress, and then the last week attempting to create just a single page with a bit of text and a photo on it – so far, absolutely nothing… Is creating a website really supposed to be this hard? Should I just pay someone else to do this? 12 days of my time is starting to add up… Thanks in advance –

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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