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  • I’d like Editors to be able to approve comments left on posts they create, but currently it is the Admin email address (Options -> General -> email) that gets the notification. Can this be changed so that the Editor approves comments?

    I do have the Role Manager plug-in installed and it is set so that Edidors can “Moderate Comments” but they don’t get the email of notification to know that a comment has been left!

    Any ideas?


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  • I believe you’d either have to find a plugin or change the core code to do have the ‘comment in moderation’ email sent to the post author.

    If you uncheck the “An administrator must always approve the comment” choice in Administration > Options > Discussion then the author of the article will receive an email that a comment has been made to their article.

    Thanks for your reply, Michael.

    However, “An Administrator must always approve the comment” is unchecked but the author still does not get an email that a comment has been made to their article.

    Is Email me whenever “Anyone posts a comment” checked?

    Michael, Yes, it is for me (Admin). I logged in under Editor but there’s no option to “Eamil me”

    Should it be checked?

    I set up a special email address with a forwarding rule. The email is automatically forwarded to all the people who can approve comments. I then put that email address in the main general options page. When a comment needs approval, we all get an email, and whoever gets to do it first approves the comment.

    Not sure if I described that clearly or if it will solve your problem, but maybe it will give you some ideas.

    Thanks, Bobcat, I had thought of that but here’s the dilemma …. I’m webmaster of the site and the user (ie my client) is not technical at all. If I set up a forwarder (at the Admin address) so the client also gets ‘normal’ admin emails from WordPress (eg errors, warnings, config change confirmations etc) then they might wonder what’s going on – sometimes a lttle knowledge is a dangerous thing 😉

    Question now is … what types of Blog generated emails are they likely to receive if we went down the forwarder route?

    I get email for comments needing moderation, new user registrations, and password changes. Maybe you could do the email forwarding with some sort of rule to match the subject line used for comment moderation.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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