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  • I’ve been messing where I shouldn’t and now I can access my home page on only from the web. The rest of the site is 404 not found. I cannot view any page coming from the dashboard. I’m completely lost. I had backed up the entire site, but restoring doesn’t solve the problem. How can I get my site back?

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  • It looks like you messed with permalink structure setting. Try to go to your dashboard (/wp-admin/options-permalink.php) and change permalink to default.

    I did that earlier. I think I blew it when I enabled Password Protect Directories but clicked ‘/ public_html’. I have undone everything I can think of – all plugins added during the session where everything went kablooie have been deleted, all security settings disabled. I am afraid I have corrupted my site and need to somehow junk the site and reload from my backup. Yes?

    The eror line reads: (port 80)
    I don’t know if port 80 has to do with protection?
    An XML reload will not affect the security settings.
    I am not sure about an sql reload.

    I disabled the security I put on through the cpanel, but I notice that the HotLink Protection warns against using that application with FrontPage, and I see FrontPagein in the code on the 404 screen. Do you think that is the problem? I’m a rookie at this as you can tell.

    I restored just the sql. No change.

    Can I just bail and start over? I had it working fine before my blunder. Delete everything on my server and reload WordPress and then restore what I had backed up? I’ve got to get this site back up.

    No 404’s but what happened to the images and how did you get the site working again?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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