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  • Hi,

    I’d like to create a blog for the purpose of political activism. I’m tired of hearing so many complaints on this issue that I want to do something about but am not sure can do it or if I have to get a stand alone version of WordPress on another domain (I already have 2 stand alone WordPress blogs). I’m also not sure exactly how to do this.

    Problem: people who might have ADHD as an adult (it’s 80% genetically inherited) or have a child with it being able to find a Doctor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist who knows enough about ADHD to actually be able to accurately diagnose ADHD.

    Other conditions can look like ADHD and people with ADHD often have other co-existing conditions.

    Often some politicians and media members enjoy to trash ADHD and the people who have it as a way to boost their ratings i.e. easy target, we’re not organized enough to fight back that much, etc.

    WordPress Solution: I was thinking of having a blog that allows people who have been diagnosed with ADHD to write in to tell their personal stories (or of their children with ADHD) of what their life was like before getting diagnosed for ADHD and after getting diagnosed and treating or managing it (i.e. medication, ADD coaching, therapy, ADD support groups, lifestyle changes etc)

    So these people could email in their stories and either their full names or initials and the city they live in. Then others and I could create a post from it in WordPress and people could comment on that post. This way people could here real stories about ADHD from real people with it rather than just “the experts” or some of the reactionary pundits.

    Also this might generate some media coverage and further get the word out there.

    I don’t want to have people logging in and trying to learn WordPress to post, I want them to email their stories and names and cities and generate a post from that i.e. title of post, name and city/province/country and actual post. Can I do this on and if so how and if not what would be the best way to do it and automate as much of it as possible (hopefully will need to)?

    I’ll be doing other things as well but I think this may have the most impact, personal stories.



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  • wow – first, you might want to ask this over at the forums… this is for standalone self hosted installations of wordpress here…

    second – i can see you’re passionate about this topic, as you’ve given us way more info than we’d need to determine if it were okay or not – don’t be so wordy over at the .com forums 😉

    third – best wishes with this project! sounds like you’ll do a great job, regardless of where it’s hosted or on what format. 🙂

    Hi Pete.
    I don’t know about ( you can ask at their support forum: but from my viewpoint it would be hard to do what you want to do since you don’t want folks to do the actual posting.
    You can certainly post by email as an admin, but you have to supply a “top secret” email address to do it. Are you willing to let folks know this address knowing the type of stuff that spammers would do?
    Maybe someone can come up with a better solution for you.
    It’s not that hard to let users post to WP themselves (especially with the Role Manager Plugin) though.

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