can a user delete the admin? (4 posts)

  1. souleye
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I installed wordpress for a client and migrated the installation to his server. for him to do certain things I granted him administrative privileges. my question is: can he now just delete my account and take over his site and since he hasn't paid me my balance just say 'go to hell!' I know it's not likely because there are a few things that they feel they may need to learn from you but I'm just asking. I once delivered a drupal installation and client deleted my account only to find himself in trouble he couldn't fix. any insight will be appreciated. thanks.

  2. Yes and no.

    Via WP, no. Not if he's a user. YES if he's an admin.

    If he has access to the database, yes.

  3. souleye
    Posted 4 years ago #

    that's cool thanks. all I needed to know. you know clients can try to pull a fast one on you sometimes. usually, I don't grant admin privileges until I get paid. that was my fear. this particular client wanted to change so many things around that I had to grant admin privileges. now, what are you telling me? if he's a user with administrative privileges? they wouldn't know how to access the database, much less change it.

  4. WordPress Admins can delete anyone :)

    People who have access to the database can ... well do anything they want. But if they don't know how, you're safe.

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