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  1. Jaja..
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello people,

    Just curious if a WP plugin could do this?
    Looks like it's a WP websites only i can't see if the sources is a plugin or that it will be fully custom made.


    Looking at this interactive Map on the left sidebar, it shows a Roadtrip and it Pins places where you have taken Photo's.

    Very Sexy.. for sure.
    Only it would be cool if some 'id*10*t' no coding people could do this to at least have a basic and let somebody style it with CSS. ;)

    I found a plugin that looks like something like this.
    But it isn't you can't place multiple Pins on one Map.

  2. lindsayrgwatt
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey Jaja,

    Not exactly the same thing, but might be of use.

    You can use Placeling to easily create a map with any number of pins on it. Here's an example:

    You can use the Placeling blog plugin to turn a blog post into a pin on you Placeling map.



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