Can a plugin be activated for Advanced Editing and de-activated for Simple Edit? (3 posts)

  1. ronzo
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Just curious if this was possible. I'm using a wysiwyg plugin, and there are some features that don't work, such as spell check and copy and paste in FF. However they do work if the plugin is de-activated. So basically what I would love to be able to do is have the user switch to Simple Edit and have the wysiwyg plugin de-activated for those tasks, and switch back to Advanced Editing where the wysiwyg plugin would be activated.

    if Simple Edit, plugin (wysiwyg) is de-activated
    if Simple Edit, plugin (spell) is activated
    if Advanced Edit, plugin (wysiwyg) is activated
    if Advanced Edit, plugin (spell) is de-activated

    makes sense?

  2. ronzo
    Posted 11 years ago #

    OK, with help from the plugin authors, I figured this out if anyone is interested.

    By default, my write area opens in advanced mode with a wysiwyg plugin (WYSI-Wordpress). I have the SpellingChecker plugin installed, which doesn't work with wysiwyg (but the button was still there). Also, the Quicktags buttons were visible, but they didn't work. And since I use Firefox, copy and paste also didn't work. The only way to use the spellcheck plugin and quicktags, and to copy and paste with a Mozilla browser, was to de-activate the wysiwyg plugin in the Plugin area (and then re-activate it when you were through with those tasks). This just seemed way too cumbersome.

    The idea was to create "on/off switch buttons", since when using wysiwyg, I didn't want the spelling button or the Quicktags buttons to appear, as they didn't work. By turning off wysiwyg, the buttons would re-appear, and I could access their functions, as well as copy and paste with Mozilla browsers, and then turn wysiwyg back on to continue with the post. And ideally, incorporate everything into just one set of on/off buttons.

    I now have a single set of on/off buttons.

    On button:
    Turns WYSI-Wordpress on
    Turns SpellingChecker off (no spell button)
    Turns Quicktags off (no buttons)

    Off button:
    Turns WYSI-Wordpress off
    Turns SpellingChecker on (spell button appears and works)
    Turns Quicktags on (buttons appear and work)
    Allows copy and paste in Mozilla browsers

    Hope someone might find this useful... code is at:


  3. parisgv
    Posted 11 years ago #

    hi, I really need help with this, you don't explain what files modify, you just place the codes, this is a really important puglin for me, can you help me? my email is pchronopoulos(at)msn.com thanks, or just make a NEW help txt :)

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