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  • I want to let my outsource worker set up WordPress on my domain, but I also want to be able to edit anything.

    Should I let the worker be Admin and myself be a New User?

    Or do I need to set up WP and be Admin and have them as a New User?

    thank you

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  • if both you and your worker are to be able to edit anything, you both need to be admin level.

    How much stuff does your worker need to be able to edit? They can set up wordpress and not be admin level….. or you can let them be admin while they set up, and also make you admin. You can then delete them as admin.

    It really depends on what your total goals are

    Thank you. I didn’t realize someone could set up WP and not be Admin level.

    I’ll try and find out how to do that, thanks.

    during the setup process, an admin account is created. That can be set to be YOUR admin account really. Or your worker can use the admin account just to finalize things, then hand the reins over to you.

    Setting up wordpress is really about files and database and stuff. Its done from behind the scenes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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