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  • I started off with the Thought Mechanics theme and then pretty much changed it aesthetically I think. I made some changes and added plugins etc – but my question is when can I call it a theme that is my own?

    I don’t want to write out the original author, because it is still based on the authors theme, but it’s now different. So I thought based on theme x by author x would be suitable? Should I contact the author directly? What is the consensus on when a modified theme is seperate from the original? I still hear a few comments about Mallow sbeing Kubrick, and even on the author’s own site his decision on how to include a reference to Kubrick without being seen as a plagarist. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or take credit for something I didn’t do, but I would like to call my theme my own.

    Here is the site as it stands now, still working on it:

    And the authors theme is here:

    Different enough to call my own, with reference to the original author? Please advise.

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Oh yeah, that’s definitely enough to call you own. I’d say 50% difference from the cutoff. For example, my theme based off of Kubrick can hardly be considered a unique design. But, Mallow , also based off of Kubrick, has achieved it’s own individual status and is distributed as a WordPress theme.

    P.S. Great design!

    in light of the competition – i thought i may as well enter, i have nothing to lose and it could be fun.

    the problem i am facing is not being able to get the theme to display under it’s own folder how do i go about doing this?

    I selected another theme, and then changed the files to reflect the folder change i made but the page won’t even display what am i doing wrong?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance

    When people hacked about with the old WP classic they felt no compunction about attributing the design to any body but themselves. And why should they ?
    The WordPress ethos tends to be generous but by all means put your credits on anything you like. *Inspired by* could be a midway solution. The presentation manager has space for 2 links and attributions. Where does one theme begin or end ? No body knows. Good luck in the comp anyway. Those small neat looking blogs can be very cool and are very popular. IMHO. 🙂

    I hear what you’re saying Root, I would NEVER take credit for something I haven’t done, in fact I even plan to add a credit for any icons I use that aren’t mine. It’s always been my belief that a credit in the CSS is not enough, because the only credit an author has is what is seen not what isn’t seen. Rather than inspired, my theme was based on Thought Mechanics and I will make this abundantly clear within the credits as it already is. I used the base and then built the design around it.

    Design is by myself, graphics by my friend (who want no credit but he’ll get it whether he likes it or not!) and the original theme by the author.

    I’ve seen a tonne of themes that choose not to include the original author, and this for more is a big annoyance. I’ll only take credit for what I’ve done claimed for what I haven’t done, and you make some very valid points. I hope everyone adheres to the issue of credits and aptly fulfils the courteous obligation.

    I’m editing the files now to try on another installation. Hopefuly it will work!

    Jinsan – the mere fact that this concerns you and that you are conscientious about it is important. I am sure that you will do the right thing whatever.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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