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    Working with a client that already has a web host that isn’t allowing me to do anything but access the site via ftp. They installed wordpress, but I have to create the wp-config.php and upload it via ftp. I FULLY admit I’ve never installed wp without an instant install but boy am I learning.

    The host is obtuse with the information they’ll give me even though I’ve asked for an explanation for dummies.

    I’ve tried several combinations with the info they’ve given me and keep getting “error establishing a database connection”.

    The only information they’ll give me is the following…

    mysql> grant all on alltrans.* to alltrans@localhost identified by ‘radomletters’;

    replaced what I assume is a password with ‘random letters”.

    Do I have enough information here to fill out

    Database Name
    Database Username
    Database Password
    Database Host

    can anyone tell me which might be which with the info I was given?
    I feel like I’ve tried every combination!

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  • LMFAO. wouldn’t you know. the second I posted this I decided to start with a fresh sample config file and start again and it worked.

    I must have accidently deleted or added a character that shouldn’t have been edited.

    I apologize for wasting anyone’s time by reading this.

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