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    This may seem like a silly question, but I recently got about 20 comments on my wordpress blog ( – hosted through Yahoo!)
    which say “Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!” followed by gibberish made up of 10 letters (ie hqzqmtxjdp, loljqwiwoh, ovfplzwbyj). There is no hyperlink in the comment. I also got 2 emails with the same thing.

    Is this someone trying to hack into my blog? These comments should be deleted, right? I have comment moderation enabled, but these all seemed to surpass the moderation. When I click on the various IP addresses, it comes out as Asia Pacific Network Information Centre in Milton, Australia.

    Any help on what this means, if anything, would be very much appreciated! I did a quick search and found several blogs with the same sort of comments on them.

    Thanks so much 🙂

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  • Chris_K


    You approve it once, now WP “knows” that email address as a “good” commenter.

    If that happens, expect a flood from the same email user with links in the posts.

    Did the “commenter” provide a URL along with their name? That’s another common way to sneak in a link.



    OK, thanks Handy. I never approved it, and the email address & url links are bogus on each comment.

    I’ll just delete them all for good measure, but I was curious what the seemingly garbled text might accomplish, as I can’t imagine someone was just messing around by posting all these comments.



    Check the names, too. Very often, their names are not “Joe” or “Mary” — their names are “Illinois auto insurance” and things like that.

    Pizdin Dim


    If it’s not directly relevant to the post it belongs to, a “stupid” comment, such as the one you saw, is treated as spam by me. After all, that’s the intention of the “visitor” who leaves a comment such as that.



    Thanks everyone! The names are always “loljqwiwoh” or some variation, and the emails are all gibberish as well. They all seem to make it past Akismet and bypasses the moderation feature (which I know is working since I can still moderate comments by new people with valid emails).

    And I got another sprinkling of similar comments with a hyperlink this time. So I’ve manually marked all of it as spam and will install some more anti-spam plugins (Bad Behavior and Spam Kharma 2 are good, right?)



    Bad Behavior and Spam Kharma 2 are good, right?

    yes they are.

    Furthermore, gibberish comments are not innocent ones. Consider your site “discovered” if you’ve seen them.



    I’m also going to install WP-Ban to ban their IP addresses.

    Whooami, what does “discovered” mean? That my site is being hacked into?




    no, it means that the spammers know you are there.

    oh gotcha. Thanks.

    I think wp-ban & marking them as “spam” on akismet did the trick for now, I haven’t gotten any more of the comments.

    thanks to all for replying, you guys rock!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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