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    I currently have a website set up where our users have access to certain pages. I then have links to child pages on that parent page. To be really detailed, here’s the situation.

    We have committees. They have access to the Committee page. There is a group called committee with everyone who is on our committees in it. One of the sub committees is a scholarship committee. They have access to a page called Scholarships, which is a child of the Committee page. But I only want them to be able to see that scholarship page. When I go to my scholarship page and see the permissions, the Scholarship group is in bold while two other groups are greyed out and say “Ancestor”. So does that mean that those groups can see this page still? Or would I need to add them separately? This concerns me that I can’t use children if the groups who have access to the parent page can still see the child pages.

    I hope I’m making sense!

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    Right. Any groups you add to a parent page “trickle down” to it’s children and ancestors and Page Security only checks to see if the user is a member of at least one group assigned to a page (i.e. it performs an “OR” check – not an “AND” check).

    So if all your users are in the Committees group, and that group is applied to the Committees page, then no matter what additional groups you add to ancestor pages, everyone in the Committees group will have access to everything.

    To get around this, you just need to make sure your specialty pages aren’t ancestors of the Committee page. Move them off into their own top-level pages and only the groups specifically attached to them will be able to access those pages.

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