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  • My blog is half travel.. half political..

    Is this a bad idea?

    Politically im an Anarchist, (which doesn’t mean what you think it does)
    But my political posts are about working less and living more, police brutality, anti capitalist, pro legalization, and anarchist philosophy..

    The other part of the blog is following me on my traveling..

    I feel it ties together becuase my traveling is very counter culture.. (hitchhiking, squating, living with no money, no stable employment)

    What im asking is, would you be turned off interesting travel stories, if in between there were political views that didn’t match your own..

    Should these be two different blogs…

    Or are they all technically the same topic (counter culture/alternative living) and in that way compliment each other..?



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  • Using two topics as themes creates a combination of the theme that makes it unique. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, said once that it is very difficult to be the best in the world at something, so it is better to be above average in two areas. My blog is green business, it’s not really a green blog or a business blog, it is a combination of both.

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