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  • Hi Matthieu,

    I’m stuck and I’m not sure why – no newsletters imported – I think maybe I don’t understand what the Permalink is meant to be set to or something stupid like that?

    When I click “import” using Mailchimp username and a generated API, the plugin just gets stuck saying “Talking to the Chimp…” (even if I leave it overnight – there are only about 125 newsletters in total). I have tried using my Mailchimp username as well as the “User” name on the API page (one has a space, one doesn’t) – same result for both. Just gets stuck.

    If I register an app in MailChimp and then use the Client ID and “API” it provides (as suggested by another user) instead of “Username” and API it says “Talking to the Chimp…” for about 5 seconds and then it goes away – but then when I check the Newsletter tab, there’s nothing there.

    In essence, these are the exact steps I’m taking and I have no idea why it’s not working for me, but seems like it’s working for others:

    Step 1: Deactivate plugin and uninstall.
    Step 2: Reinstall plugin and Activate.
    Step 3: Click “MailChimp Campaigns” settings.
    Step 4: Enter username and API Key from – OR enter “Registered App” data from
    Step 5: Click “Save settings”
    Step 6: Go to Permalinks settings page and leave as-is (/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/), then click “Save Changes”
    Step 7: Go back to MailChimp Campaigns Settings and click “Import” (Using the API it gets stuck on “Talking to the Chimp…” – and – using “Registered App” settings it says “Talking to the Chimp…” for 5 seconds then disappears)
    Step 8: Go to “Newsletter” menu item and it’s empty?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • rehmeyer


    Two (separate) issues:
    1. The plugin worked and imported all campaigns (December ’18). In January I tried to import an updated list with a new campaign and it failed. It now will not import (re-import?) any campaigns, even the ones it had previously imported.
    2. My Mailchimp campaigns include [*merge tags*] which allow client and organization specific info to be placed in the campaign (i.e. merge tags are replaced by either recipient specific or organization specific information when the campaign is sent. The import (when it worked) brought in the campaign with the [*merge tag*] showing but without any specific data to replace it. For example [*|FNAME|*} is replaced by a recipient’s First Name.


    Plugin Author Matthieu SCARSET


    @rehmeyer regarding #1 could you please try to update to latest version 3.1.3?
    There have been small but good improvement on the import process.

    Regarding #2 Merge tags can not be rendered when retrieving Mailchimp campaigns programatically.

    Can you elaborate how you think this should be displayed?

    FYI, there is no way to retrieve a campaign populated with a default user.

    Thread Starter craigroyt


    Hi Matthieu,

    Any input / suggestions about my above original query?


    Plugin Author Matthieu SCARSET


    @craigroyt you are having issues with bulk import. This can be cause by a wide variety of issues…

    What do you see in your application logs? (PHP errors basically).
    Also, have you tried it again with 3.1.3?
    Same issue (frozen/timeout)?



    @matthieuscarset-1 On the merge tags: don’t think its possible to dynamically update from mailchimp account database, but maybe replace with ********?

    I’ve updated to 3.1.3, will evaluate closer asap

    Plugin Author Matthieu SCARSET


    @rehmeyer a new release 3.1.4 is out there.

    It should fix your issue or at least, print errors in the back office so you will know what’s going on before, during or after import.

    Let us know



    i was able to import 10 (random?) campaigns out of approx 60. the import process did not freeze, so that worked. Thanks!

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    Plugin Author Matthieu SCARSET


    Glad to hear that.
    Good mailing!



    Progress, but on only 10 campaigns being imported? It is the same 10 every time and the 10 span the collective time line of all campaigns. How to import the rest? This is the message that displays: “10/10 campaigns have been imported.” But there are about 59 campaigns in total. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Matthieu SCARSET


    Hi @rehmeyer and thank you for your tests and reply.

    I understand the issue which I try to rephrase and answer below.


    • This plugin try to bulk import all campaigns at once, one by one.
    • This plugin only import the 10 first found campaigns

    Suggested solution

    • Display the list of existing campaigns in a table in the WP admin interface.
    • Add the action for users to select and import only specific campaigns.

    When these two new feature are in place, it should improve efficiency quite a bit 🙂

    Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions.

    Thanks again.

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