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  • pmcall


    +1 on that request. If this plugin could keep me from having to create forms in Infusionsoft’s web form builder, I would gladly pay good money for it!

    +1 for me as well!

    Where’s the tip jar to make action sets a reality?

    Yes- please. We’d be happy to pay for this functionality.

    Author! Author!

    +1 for me too!!

    VERY interested in this functionality!

    I found a way to do this from within infusionsoft’s campaign builder

    – Under Goals/Other — based on a tag
    – then have that tag trigger a new sequence that sends an email etc…

    How are you getting the Tag applied to the new contact record from the Gravity form?

    Yes, please!

    @gmichael7, there is a field at the bottom of the infusionsoft plugin page where you map the fields called “entry tags”. All of your infusionsoft tags are located in there… you can also make conditional tags based on radio button selections to add different tags for different choices on the form.



    @cjgrasso, I have been struggling to get the list of available tags to refresh themselves from Infusionsoft – has anyone else seen this problem and if so how did you fix it?


    I saw another post here mentioning that simply appling a tag at the same time as creating the contact would not allow the application of that tag to trigger the contacts journey through a campaign via a ‘tag applied goal’ and that makes complete sense to me – so I was wondering if the plugin could be tweaked to allow a two step process where the contact first gets created and the resulting contact ID captured so that step two could then add the tags to the new contact??

    This would be an awesome addition..


    I’m not really using the gravity forms, so not sure about the tag refreshing, but I do know that even inside Infusionsoft campaign builder, new tags that I create seem to take a little while before I can pull them up in a search inside of CB.

    As far as applying a tag that triggers a campaign, I use legacy action sets for things like this. Not sure if Gravity allows you to trigger an action set, but if so, just make the action set under Marketing> Settings> Action Sets> Add Action Set> (Action) Apply a Tag.

    Also, if you’re new to Campaign Builder and using tags as triggers, remember that if there’s a chance that a contact might need to come back through that campaign again in the future, make sure you make your first step in the Campaign Follow-Up sequence to REMOVE the trigger tag. We use tags like ‘light switches’ in Campaign Builder so they can be triggered over and over.



    @gmichael7 Thank you for your response.. I will certainly be sure to remove the Trigger Tag as my first campaign step 😉

    I found my tags – they were there all along it just wasn’t obvious they were in an area that was scrollable… doh…

    Oh and it is working great with the trigger tag

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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