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  • Yesterday, I received an email from a with from name WP All Import stating amongst other things the following:

    You need Breakdance. Breakdance is a powerful, ease-to-use visual drag & drop builder for WordPress.

    I first thought, why would WP All Import try to sell me (without solicitation) another product called Breakdance which I know to be made by the makers of Oxygen and of which I have zero interest and is not related to any “Import” feature?

    I went to the website and realised that this is the company making both WP All Import and Oxygen.

    I have no account, no relations whatsoever with Oxygen or Breakdance. As a matter of facts I personally despise page builders and would never use or buy them.

    Yet, I had obviously ended up in some mailing list, otherwise Mr. Luis from soflyy would not have been able to reach out to me trying to sell a new product.

    I went to WP All Import website ( and realised that I have an account there (I think because I helped a client of mine in past and needed some information from the WP All Import folks).

    Needless to say, that since the Email was with “from name” WP All Import and sent by Soflyy, it meant that they (WP All Import) have shared my email and data with their partner who makes Breakdance.

    That is somewhat OK (I do not think it is OK but anyway), however – I do not like my data used like this and thus immediately contacted WP All Import Support, and asked to:
    – send me an extract of my data
    – delete my account and my data

    No reply was given as of yet (that is 24 hours since in the same timezone), they also have no privacy policy page linked anywhere on the website and also no clear discernible way to delete my account or data.

    What is really upsetting me is that my account, which is with WP All Import, has been misused to advertise for other products that I do not want, nor signed up for, and that I am not given any way to delete my account and get my data deleted from the obviously not-trustable entity Soflyy/WP All Import.

    Thus – users of WP All Import – beware of this company – they seem to not fully understand and respect private persons privacy nor GDPR (which any European citizen falls under, no matter where the website is registered at), nor do they seem to care for requests of data deletion.

    It is IMO a real big no go to send emails with a from WP All Import, sent from a, advertising other plugins in an aggressive way. This is likely also the reason why the email landed in the spam folder, yet I do check spam daily.

    Feel free to delete the emails from this thread, and links, yet I believe this should be public information, since they do obviously not care about my private data, and send emails with that email address, I do not see why this should not be public information.

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