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    I will simply copy and paste my comment from their support board – because having looked at the source code, copying and pasting is something they’re happy to inflict on you.

    This was after 3 weeks of trying to get the thing to work, trying to work around the fact that documented template over-rides don’t work, and when implemented simply cause WordPress to crash.

    It turns out …[category listing]… is not the only template that doesn’t allow over-riding. I spent about three weeks trying to get the Business Directory to work the way I had specified to my client that it would work. Here’s a brief outline:

    Main page:

    contains a search form which searches all fields without having to specify the field, but user CAN specify which category / categories of business they wish to search. Your module doesn’t support this and doesn’t seem able to do so, which is a pity as it means I can’t use it.

    contains a compact list of businesses showing only a few fields – either a search result or (default) just one of the categories. Your module doesn’t support this and doesn’t seem able to do so, which is a pity as it means I can’t use it.

    clicking a listing opens it in a modal box – your module can do this (as long as I add in the suitable JQuery) however since the two items above are deal breakers, I didn’t get this far. Modal box also contains a Google Map (pity – I’d have bought the module) and region search (for which I’d have bought the module) and a zip / postal code search (for which I’d have bought the module).

    However since those other items are deal breakers the modules I might have bought are academic.

    Template files that don’t always work …[is not the only problem].

    A plugin where the template calls a method which is basically a wrapper method for another method which is basically a wrapper method for another method which is basically a wrapper method for another method which is basically calling something straight out of your API which can’t be over-ridden and forces the user to have their installation work your way, is frankly a pain in the neck. I had to over-ride so many of your methods I may as well have written the thing from scratch. You make so many database and file calls it slows a decent system to a crawl. You have a folder called “views” which contains a controller which accesses a database (so that’d be the model?). Is that a deliberate anti-pattern?

    I realise it’s your module, you do it how you like. I realise that conventions in programming are just that – conventions, you don’t HAVE to stick to them. But I really think a little bit of DRY would go an awful long way in what should be an incredibly simple plugin to build. So I can only think you made it so hard to work with to force people either to buy modules or hire you to do custom coding.

    The problem is – I would NEVER pay for code that is this badly designed. I realise some of this is down to the awful code design of WordPress (not graphic design – it looks lovely – I’m not saying it doesn’t – but under the hood WordPress isn’t well built). But some of it is down to additional layers of complexity you’ve added which have made life a hideous mess for me for the last three weeks and probably lost me a major client. So, not only would I never pay for code like this, I now can’t pay for it. Or my rent. Thanks guys.


    I’ll find a different plugin…

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    Hi uptoeleven,

    I’m sorry that you have not had a great experience with BD here. The plugin is designed to work well outside of the box, but much of what you’re asking to do here is extensive customization to fit your needs, which is fine. We don’t force people to buy the modules or get custom work from us (we actually don’t have enough time to do that AND provide support/features, so we tend to point folks to oDesk for that) but we don’t code the plugin for frustration. We have limits to work with inside of WordPress and there are many WP bugs, other plugin conflicts, etc that have been built into the plugin over time to make it work on the diverse set of sites that BD currently runs on.

    It’s hard to know exactly what you’ve struggled with here because there are only 2 support requests that I can locate, both relating to Advanced Search. Because of your requests, we have accelerated the shortcode for Advanced Search to allow it to display as you asked.

    I will quote our last response to you as well–

    Thanks for the feedback, uptoeleven. That false/true switch isn’t technically a bug—we left it as false because overriding that template when you don’t have a full grasp of what you’re doing with WordPress API can be dangerous. Obviously, that’s not the case with you and that’s great. 🙂 We’re considering opening up all templates but in order to do so to avoid massive support headaches, we need to provide substantial documentation on what is allowed to override on these templates and what you have to maintain in order not to break the plugin.

    There’s a balance to strike between out-of-the-box features and customization. Most folks want it OOTB to work, so we focus on that. The customization, as noted above, requires additional extensive work that doesn’t often show up as “valuable features” to clients except for folks like yourself that dig deeper into the guts of it. We’re a small software development shop, so we can’t do everything unfortunately and I’m sorry that we fell short for you here.

    I wish you the best on your development.

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