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    I have an eCommerce site, and it’s saying the pinterest pin it plugin (lite) is causing my site to not be secure. I’m using a plugin to test my SSL, and this is what it says isn’t secure:

    What can I change so that it’ll be secure? I was positive it was secure with an older version, but I’m not sure at one point it became insecure.

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  • I’ve figured it out. In the public-display-functions.php file, change http: to https: on line 259

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Thanks for the bug submission, but I didn’t find “http://” on line 259 of the current version. Are you using the latest version of the plugin? What’s the whole line or code snippet.

    Hi Phil,
    Yes, I’m using the current version (1.4.1)

    Here’s that section of code:

    //Link href always needs all the parameters in it for the count bubble to work
        $link_href = '' . rawurlencode( $post_url ) . '&media=' . rawurlencode( $image_url ) . 
            '&description='. rawurlencode( $description );
    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Interesting I never knew Pinterest even allowed https but it looks like it works. Their embed code specified http:// even. In any case I’ll make the fix for the next update. Thanks!

    Looks like the update 1.4.3 didn’t get the fix. Line 273 needs to have the same change I posted preciously. Even though I updated this when it came out, I just found out because a customer was unable to use my online store because of it. Luckily she took the time to e-mail me. I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten any orders in a while.

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Since it’s a link to another page it shouldn’t matter if it’s http or https. I changed it back because it caused several others to have issues when the http was not included. Pinterest’s embed code also specifies http so I don’t want to keep https in there if it’s not supported.

    There might be some other setting causing this issue, but I’m not sure what.

    It’s weird, I changed it back to double-check, and was sometimes it was saying it wasn’t secure, and sometimes it was–even on the same product page. I’m not sure why. I can understand if it went from showing that it wasn’t secure to be showing that it was, due to caching, but sometimes it was the other way.

    What issues came up when it was https? I’m tempted to keep it as https, depending on what the issues were that you heard of.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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