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  • Hi:
    First thing’s first. . . I forgot to wait for you to update the plug-in to 3.5, so now the page I’ve been developing using the plug-in is slightly messed up. Even even though the shortcode does call for type=”vertical” it keeps being rendered horizontally. I didn’t have this problem last week when I was still using 3.4.2. Also, if I am logged in, I can used the new scripts, but if I’m logged out, then the new scripts don’t work, I have to use the old scripts.

    Anyway, the main reason I am actually writing is that I know the page=”[id” in the wptabs shortcode argument does work; however, it keeps rendering the content as if it was a post (title, author, and date) and note a page. But, I want to use the argument to actually call the content on the page (the content you actually edit using the visual editor) and not the title, author, and date.

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  • Thanks, that worked.

    The next part that I was talking about above, being able to call content from a page. I know the page=”[id]” such that [id] is the id number of the page, or just the name of the page. If I use the name, it asks me to verify, so I have to use the Visual Editor button to get the page number.

    But, when I call a page, it put the title, author, date and content into the tab. I don’t want to include the title, author, and date parts, just the content.

    This is the page I am working on with this plug-in (will add it to other pages when I’m done here):

    When the page loads, it keeps starting from the last tab and not the first one. . . I think I need to shut cookies off or something in the Advanced settings of the plug in.

    But, to call content — the page right now is one giant document. I want to split the 14 sections across 14 pages, then just call that content directly into the tab.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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