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[Resolved] Calling a .txt file (or similar)

  • I’m looking to call information from a .txt file to be used on a non-widgetized sidebar. For instance, if I want to easily update the “Upcoming Shows” section on the right sidebar here: http://www.prestondemands.com/amp I could just type a new line or even add an

  • to the text file and wordpress could call it into the XHTML.
  • Does that make sense?

    Again, the side bar is not widget-enabled, otherwise I’d easily be able to do this with a Text widget. However, I cannot find a way to add those horizontal dividers with a widget-enabled sidebar.

    New to this, so thanks in advance!

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  • Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    Something like:

    <?php include 'file.txt' ?>

    should do it. You’d have to get the path to the file correct, relative to your theme folder, so if your blog was in example.com/wordpress, and your text file was in the wordpress folder, you’d put ‘/wordpress/file.txt’


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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