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  • I’m looking to display sub-pages and their excerpt as a list within a template. I know that my pages respond to the_excerpt(); through a plugin.

    I’m used the code from here: . This works well to drag the page titles up; but displays the excerpt of the page on which it appears (example: on Page A, it displays headings for pages B, C, D and E; but only ever the excerpt from A)

    I assume this is because the_excerpt(); takes the context of the current page. Is it possible to call a specific exceprt?

    My thoughts were to use the_excerpt($Page->ID);, but I can’t seem to force a specific excerpt.

    Will I have to create a mini-loop for each sub-page? If so, how do I re-set back to the original loop for things like sidebars and footers?



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  • Hi there Ben and others…

    Has anyone found a solution to calling a Specific Excerpt?

    I want to be able to call the excerpt from ‘post A’ unless the post I’m currently on has an excerpt. Is this possible?



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