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  • Anyone have any input? Still banging my head…

    Assuming that the function actually exist.

    <?php bjaq_form() ?>

    Yes I think this is it…

    function bjaq_form() {
        global $aErrors;
        $sContent = "";
    	if (get_request_var("bjaq_action") == "bjaq_success") {
            $sContent .=  '<div id="bjaq-result">Successfully submitted message!
                <a href=".">Submit another</a>.</div>';
    	} else {
            $bjaq_error = "";
            if (get_request_var("bjaq_action") == "bjaq_error") {
                $err_type = get_request_var("bjaq_error");
                if (!isset($aErrors[$err_type])) {
                    $err_type = "unknown";
                $sContent .= '<div id="bjaq-result">' . $aErrors[$err_type] . '</div>';
            $sContent .= bjaq_form_html()
                . ' <div id="bjaq-result">' . ($bjaq_error ? $bjaq_error : '') . '</div>';
    	$sContent .= '</noscript>';
    	$sContent = '<h3>Ask A Question</h3>' . PHP_EOL . $sContent;

    Now I just don’t know how to get the form in my sidebar… There is nothing in the widgets options…


    I don’t understand?

    <?php bjaq_form(); ?>


    Yes I understand that, but I am unfamiliar with PHP. I have tried adding the following <?php bjaq_form(); ?> to my functions.php but had no luck. I don’t know where to put the piece of code is what I was trying to say.

    I see. You need to put it where you want the form to show. IF sidebar, put it in the sidebar, if single post, put it in single and so on. It doesn’t go inside your function.php. The code you wrote above should already be in there. Hope that helps.

    Of course the password to your site would be nice as well 🙂

    Great! Thanks! I got it to show in the sidebar now. I will see what I can do about getting it to look right. Thanks!

    Great, now you can style it with css.

    On it! Thanks again for the help!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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