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  • hi is it possible to call a different footer for each post. lets say post 42 needs footer1.php thanks

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  • you can include footer42.php for post 42 by calling

    <?php include("footer".$post->ID.".php") ?>

    inside the loop.

    hmm.. I added the above code into my page.php right below ‘get footer’ and page didn’t load. can you please please give me a working example

    <?php include(“footer1″.$post->42.”.php”) ?>

    and how about catagories ??

    want you to know that I have several different footers that I’d like to place with a particular post or cat




    you didnt use what he provided..

    what he provided uses the same numbered footer for the same number post.

    <?php include("footer".$post->ID.".php") ?>

    does not equal what you did.

    Using the example provided, the post wth id 42 will be looking for footer42.php

    ok will try that but one last silly question: where do I add this code??

    underneath the ‘get footer’ on page.php

    and also how to apply when I am calling for category like ?cat=42

    In fact, you cannot use get_footer anymore. Just use the code I provided instead.

    To get another footer for your category, you must use the causal tags someho like this:

    if(is_single()) {

    This will include the post-specific footer (footerX.php) for every post, and a common footer (footer.php) for every other page/category/search…

    And a note: you do NOT add it to the page.php – that file is to display Pages not posts.
    Reading about the Template_Hierarchy is always useful…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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