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  1. naabster
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I'd like to call a 2.8 widget (extended WP_Widget class) directly from a template and / or plugin.
    The template i am trying to get a widget working doesn't have a sidebar, so I tried to initiate the widget class and call a specific widget like this:

    $sb = new WP_Widget();

    but it gives me some errors..
    Warning: Missing argument 2 for WP_Widget::__construct(), called in (......)
    and a Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_widget::demowidget(....)

    The widget i am trying to call is working fine with my standard sidebar. I am sure it is not the widget itself..
    Do i need to load/include some other files? I didnt follow the widget development, so i dont really know wtf.

    Basically what i wanna do is: I want to call one (or more) specific widget(s) within a custom post/page template and not the whole sidebar which is defined on your widget admin page..


  2. Widgets are not made to be called directly. They go into registered sidebars.

    If you want to use a widget directly, you'll probably have to hack it up a bit to make it capable of a direct function call.

  3. naabster
    Posted 7 years ago #

    it is actually pretty easy.
    After toying around for a bit I managed to call a widget from everywhere:

    $instance = array("title" => "My Widget", "number" => 9);
    $args = array("title" => "My Widget", "before_title" => "<h2>", "after_title" => "</h2>");
    $sb = new My_Widget_Class();
  4. Max Chirkov
    Posted 7 years ago #

    @naabster - awesome snippet! I'm using it to call widgets from post/pages via shortcodes. The only problem with it is that the $instance['number'] doesn't pass the number to the widget method. But this will work:

    $instance = array("title" => "My Widget", "number" => 9);
    $args = array("title" => "My Widget", "before_title" => "<h2>", "after_title" => "</h2>");
    $sb = new My_Widget_Class();
    $sb->number = $instance['number'];
  5. Max Chirkov
    Posted 7 years ago #

    When calling a widget from a post/page via shortcode, it's being output at the top of the post/page. I guess its because the widget method echoes the content instead of returning it by reference. Is there a way to get around it and output widget content in specific place?

    P.S. The workaround I came up with is to assign all the HTML within the widget method to a $variable and add a simple condition at the end to check if $instance['return'] is true - if yes - it returns the value or else prints it out. The return instance is declared as true in the shortcode function.

  6. r-a-y
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Great! Exactly what I was looking for!

  7. Zentode
    Posted 7 years ago #

    That is VERY useful! Glad I found it. Thanks.

    I have a problem that may solved by a variation of that code.

    In this section of my template:

    <?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('left-side-widgets') ) : ?>

    I would like to add something like:

    <?php else : ?>
    <?php /* alternate sidebar file if no widgets detected in dynamic sidebar */ ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    Obviously, I would like to include an alternate file if no widgets exist in that specific dynamic sidebar.

    How can I create that "switch"?

    I can use:
    to grab the file if I must.

    Thanks for any help...

  8. Vinicius Massuchetto
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thanks for the snippet!

    I've ran into this kind of problem:
    if (sidebar has widget) --> show sidebar
    else --> show some widgets by hand

    The results:

    Function to verify if sidebar has a widget:

    function is_sidebar_active($sidebar_id, $force = false){
    		static $sidebars_widgets;
    		if($force || !isset($sidebars_widgets)){
    			$sidebars_widgets = get_option('sidebars_widgets', array());
    		if((int)$sidebar_id) $sidebar_id = sprintf('sidebar-%d', $sidebar_id);
    		return is_array($sidebars_widgets[$sidebar_id]) && count($sidebars_widgets[$sidebar_id]);

    Code in sidebar.php:

    if (is_sidebar_active(1))
    				dynamic_sidebar('Blogs: Lateral Interna');
    			else {
    				$args = array (
    					'title' => '',
    					'before_widget' => '<li class="widget">',
    					'after_widget' => '</li>',
    					'before_title' => '<h2>',
    					'after_title' => '</h2>'
    				$instance = array ( 'title' => 'Categorias', 'number' => 1 );
    				$widget = new WP_Widget_Categories();
    				$args = array ( 'title' => '' );
    				$instance = array ( 'title' => 'Tweets @revistatitude', 'number' => 1 );
    				$widget = new WP_Widget_Tweets();

    Hope it helps someone.

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