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  • I never expected the header art for WordPress to take off as well as it has. In that vein, I am extending an invitation to those graphics designers who would donate graphic artwork to the WordPress cause. It can be header art, background art or whatever art you can design for any theme you want.

    Ideally I would like to assemble a core of designers to contribute and help manage the site. If necessary, I will create a totally new website for this project and put up a forum for help. You’re contributions must adhere to a Creative Commons License, however , you are free to do customizations of your own work and charge for it as there will be links to your web site.

    Some search page ranks for header art:
    Google = 17
    Yahoo = 2
    Ice Rocket = 20

    I’m getting over 200k hit per month and it’s time to take it to the next level. If you can handle it email me at 2notch at cableone dot net.

    C’mon, I know you don’t sleep.


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  • You can count me in…but not right now. I’m kinda busy with a couple of projects at the moment. But I’ll donate a few when I have time again. 🙂

    Ah, a fellow Texan. Thanks Prissed. I’m looking forward to your contribution.

    Count me in for two or three header images. I’m not a graphics designer, but I have some great photographs and a copy of Photoshop … AND I’m from Texas. What more could you ask for?! 😉


    @joni: Yeah, but you’re from Houston, so it doesn’t count! 😛

    Oh…I had to go there, didn’t I? Heh. I kid. Really, I do. 😉

    Thanks a bunch jonimueller, we may get this thing rollin’ after all!

    @prissed, does Odessa count? 😉

    This has been a roaring success and congratulations.


    I tried mutliple times to post a comment on your site, but got a file not found. Can you email me at lorelle at cameraontheroad? Thanks!

    @lorelle: Sorry about that broken comment page. Like most tweakers I can’t keep my hands off the code. I’ll fix it shortly. In the meantime I’ll email you. VV

    @ 2notch

    Just as a matter of interest, I have not been able to get to your site all day. I do not understand why, I can get everywhere else on the Net and yet, I gather others can get to you.

    A bit weird…

    I keep getting a [ could not be found] error

    I get the same error as Shadow.

    Working fine for me. 2notch, that’s a nifty thing you’re doing!

    @shadow and podz: maybe just a burp at my host ? it happens sometimes.

    same as shadow and podz – i believe we’re all UK

    Checked with my host and found that due to attacks on his servers, he has blocked some domains (especially overseas domains). If you will email me your IP I’ll have him un-block it. (2notch at cableone dot net)

    I think he takes the “kill ’em all and we’ll sort ’em out later” approach. That’s why I’ll probably get a different host for this project. VV

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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