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  • Just downloaded a MaxBlogPress plugin. The problem isn’t with the plugin. In fact it is a half-decent plugin. What MaxBlogPress does is require you to activate the plugin, but in a way unlike any other plugin.

    After you click the button to activate the plugin you are sent a confirmation email. When you click the confirmation link you are taken to a high pressure sales letter.

    Typically, I refuse signing up for ‘newsletters’ (that are really a sales message), but somehow ended up receiving the MaxBlogPress ‘newsletter’ anyway. After the first spam arrived I unsubscribed. Maybe that will put a stop to their ‘newsletters’–we’ll see.

    I don’t mind that developers ask for donations. After all they have worked hard and their contributions are valued. What I don’t like is being confronted with high pressure sales pitches and ‘newsletters’ that are really spam.

    Because of this developers high pressure sales tactics the plugin has been deleted.

    Hopefully, WordPress agrees that this type of manipulation is unwelcome and MaxBlogPress high pressure sales tactics are unwanted in the WP community.

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  • Hi all, well just a word in defense of maxblogpress. After reading these forums for sevsral weeks, I really feel its time to speak up for these plugin developers. A lot of work goes in to these add ons, and we all benefit, at least the above poster had the grace to admit that he got a half decent plugin, so whats the problem, you had to register and sign up for a newsltter, thats all, and unsubscribed.
    I expect you’ll use the plugin though, personally all the plugins from maxblogpress have worked very well indeed for me, and I’m very grateful, as I don’t have the skills to write them.
    So, thanks wordpress, and plugin developers, oh, and yes.
    Thanks forum volunteers, who do a great job. 🙂

    The only problem I have with that tactic, and probably the OP will agree, is that you aren’t warned about that ahead of time. If there’s something prominent on the plugin developer’s web site about it and I click through anyway, then I’m aware.

    I understand completely how hard plugin developers work. I’m a WordPress plugin junkie myself. And I’ve always considered them the unsung heroes of WP. But I believe in truth in advertising. Perhaps if more people were like me and hit the plugin developers’ paypal links or amazon wish list links more often, they wouldn’t need to resort to these tactics. 🙂

    I agree entirely thatanyone should be forewarned when they are required to register for anything, I think wea are all now are aware (hopefully) that our email addresses are constantly being harvested for commercial use.With the case of Max blog, his newsletter has
    actually been useful, his plugins also excellent.
    I also agree that we really should support these developers more, I will certsinly be using paypal more in future.
    good luck all. 🙂

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    Theme developers also contribute a great deal to WordPress, but they have restrictions–as should plugin developers.

    Both plugin and theme developers add great value to WordPress and should recognized as such. The problem with MaxBlogPress’ approach is the lack of disclosure.

    MaxBlogPress’ developer probably recognizes that if the plugin was offered in the reverse order few people would sign up. In other words if the user had to deal with the sales page first, then the newsletter, then the confirmation email, then download the plugin fewer users would bother. This is why MaxBlogPress has to use deceptive practices.

    I can’t help but to think that someone using such a high pressure sales page will eventually end up selling the email addresses collected to spammers when he realizes that his other products don’t sell well. Maybe he won’t sell the emails and will just become associated with a company that does–it’s really amounts to the same thing in the end–more spam email.

    If MaxBlogPress wants to use high pressure sales pages he should be entitled, so long as he/she is upfront and reverses the download page by starting with the high pressure sales page. However, it should be eliminated from the plugins listed on the WP site.

    Yes, do use PayPal to reward developers. Do hire WP developers if you need a plugin or theme specifically developed for you.

    For now, I stand by the call to ban MaxBlogPress from distributing plugins on the WordPress site.

    I agree with this one, I wondered like “huh” as I tried using this plugin, they could’ve at least added a few lines in the description of the plugin

    This site is a total pain in the buttocks. Even if you do try the link to unscubscribe, it won’t let you. If you use the site that apparently is erm … an anti spam policy…your email will not go through.

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    I have then just blocked their ip and email from my email gateways. Too much issue.


    Thank you Tzetze.Member Since
    October 15, 2008 (4 hours)
    you’re free to block who you want.

    I’m sorry, but to Call to ban MaxBlogPress plugins because of this is totally unfair. These guys make great plugins for free, seriously you can pay for far worse plugins. To expect people to do this stuff totally for free is just ignorant especially as these plugins are mostly aimed at people who blog to make money! You want to make money from blogging, but don’t expect the people who programed your plugins to make any money?

    As for Tzetze not being able to unsubscribe, that must have been some kind of error at the time, these guys aren’t spamers.

    I use most of their plugins and have no problem receiving their newsletter, it’s more than a far exchange.


    No need to ban if there’s only spam newletters – If you really hate it, just filter it in your GMail inbox.

    Anyway, DDDP is a good plugin indeed.

    You might not like their tactics but they are Internet Marketers as well as plugin creators. The unstoppable plugin is a great way to put your optin box for an auto-responder in front of prospects which increases signups.

    They do offer a commercial plugin for marketers that includes a built in tracker and many other features that make monetization of a blog easier.

    As far as forced registration for the newsletter, I wasn’t thrilled but I’ve stayed a subscriber for the tips and tricks that are shared. A quick scan lets me see if I’m interested before I delete it.

    There are many alternatives to many maxblogger plugins. I find the ping optimizer plugin very comforting to edited posts are repinged.

    I block MaxBlogPress spams from my email account.

    They’re very pushy emails, proving that the person knows very little about ‘marketing’ although they claim to be an expert.

    Thankfully no other plugin author is known to do this. Please, plugin authors, do not start this bad habit, and thank you to all the others who contribute genuinely free & unencumbered plugins to the community. The sharing, open source spirit is what makes WordPress work.

    I don’t know what ‘banning’ would mean. The person can make whatever plugins they want. It is very likely that this kind of plugin will eventually be removed from the official Plugins database for the same kind of reasons that over 200 themes were removed from the Theme Directory a month ago, when Matt M. (the founder of WP) realized they were not compatible with the GPL license (or, the free philosophy of the authors of WP). In that case, those theme authors can still make their themes, and users may still choose to use them (or even buy them), but this website will not distribute those themes. They have to distribute it on their own website, if they want to include the objectionable stuff.

    Seriously i’d rather pay for the things than be signed up to spam lists and pitched offers i couldn’t care less about. So i avoid Maxblogpress like the plague.

    I hope these things are pulled from the official WP repository, otherwise every marketer and his dog will start using as a marketing platform and render the resource useless.

    In fact and as usual this woulnt happen if all the plug and theme users would sometime sent 1 or 2 USD to the creator.
    But … in fact “what the hell should I give them money for” when I can have it all for free …
    But when you get spammed you come back and start crying by mama …
    It’s the way it goes today …

    If you want to make money, great build a plugin or theme, setup a landing page and sell it on your own website don’t ride off the coat tails of the WP website.

    If you want to give away a theme or plugin and contribute to the Open Source nature of WordPress then submit it here.

    Simple no?

    WordPress don’t ask you to signup, pay or jump through hoops to download WordPress so why the hell should developers be allowed to here?

    I agree with removal of all Maxblogpress’ plugins from the repo. If he wants to keep them fine but I don’t think they belong here. I wrote a blog post about it not too long ago:

    Why I Refuse to Use MaxBlogPress’ WordPress Plugins

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