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Call sidebar once only!

  • I am having troubles figuring out how to call the sidebar on only the index page. I have put the call on the index/header/footer files and it works the same on all of them.



    This is how I call it, I used require once and it worked the same as well as with// <?php get_sidebar (); ?>//

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  • You can also do something like this:

    // If Category, Page, or Search are not equal to zero, display nothing
    if ($cat != “” || $p != “” || $s !=””) {
    } else {
    // Else, if it’s on the index, show display this Get Sidebar function
    <?php get_sidebar (); ?>

    That might work. Good luck.

    Very good piece of coding, I would not have come up with that but it works. Thanks asianmack I’m impressed.

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