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  • hello dear Community,

    on a freshly installed page – with only a few data as content

    and the following plugins
    – polylang
    – max mega-menu

    and some texts ( in total: 5 languages with the text divided on the max mega menu)

    the issue: call of a site results in a subordinate url – with example-url

    so the issue is: if you call the page: then you get automatically to the page

    the question is: why does this page gets loaded – is there some thing that i have to look after – do i need to take care about the “default” pages. +

    probably there are some false or wrong adjustments… within the admin-menu!?

    i look forward to hear from you

    regards say

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I’m not sure I understand your question. By default, requesting a domain with no added information will load a list of recent posts. This can be changed to be a specific page instead of a posts list in the admin settings. What that page shows depends in part on the template used from your theme. We’d expect it to display title and page content, but a template can choose not to do so.

    What is shown is also dependent upon plugins like polylang. I don’t use that plugin, but I assume it has a default language it displays unless another is specified by URL query string like &lang=de. It probably defaults to the site’s language setting.

    So WP does one thing by default, but what actually happens can be changed by a myriad of factors. Does that help any?

    Thread Starter say_hello


    good day dear bcworkz

    first of all: many many thanks for your reply which points out many important aspects. I have had a closer look at the theme 2017 which is only a interim-solution for me. in the near future i will switch to 2020 – which looks very promising.

    I have noticed that i have several option in thie admin-section of customizing of the theme and appearance of the theme and the site itself

    regarding the customizing of the homepage-settings where we can choose between staticpage and a post page

    i can do some adjustments: i will have a closer look at these options – they seem to be “crititcal to all the outcome that i get regarding the pages that appeare as start – page…

    cf the corresponding text in this area:

    You can choose what’s displayed on the homepage of your site.
    It can be posts in reverse chronological order (classic blog),
    or a fixed/static page. To set a static homepage, you first need to create two Pages.
    One will become the homepage, and the other will be where your posts are displayed.
    Your homepage displays
    Your latest posts
    X A static page

    so i am going to do some more customizaiton

    dear bcworkz many thanks for your support and your help – you have helped me alot.

    have a great day

    Thread Starter say_hello


    hello again

    after digging deeper if found out what went wrong:

    well to point it out clearly – nothing went wrong – the polylang-plugin has got a langauge-detection system – that said – the plugin can be connected to the browser – and then detects the language.

    note: since we are here in Germany – it allways falls back on German… (de)

    Detect browser language

    x Activate 
    0 Deactivate

    background: when the front page is visited, set the language according to the browser preference

    i switched to off – in other words deactivated it – and now all works great

    many many thanks for your help –

    have a great day

    Moderator bcworkz


    You’re welcome. I’m glad you have a clearer understanding of the inner workings of WP and Polylang.

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