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    Sorry, I don’t understand. What sort of link is it? What service are you using to receive calls?

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    Marking this as resolved, if you still need help please start a new thread. Thx

    I am sorry I missed your post a week ago. I am running a psychic network, my phone is through Freedom Voice. What I need is a call button to link to paypal, then go to Freedom Voice before the call can go through, then the call goes through. I hope I got this in time before you put resolved on it. thanks!

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    This requires custom programming and is beyond the scope of the plugin (sorry I have to say that).

    PayPal has a redirect feature where you set up a custom link that would take people to PayPal to send you money, then it would redirect them to the link of your choice. You could use that to redirect them to a page where you list your FV number.

    This page shows you all the variables you can use to construct your link:

    For example my donate link is

    The variables “_s-xclick” and “hosted_button_id” mean that this is a link I generated using PayPal’s online button generator.

    Basically you start with “” and add the variables you want. There is a variable called “return” that redirects successful payments to a page of your choice.

    To complete the circle, what I would also do is add a custom variable to the URL and then check that in your backend before displaying the FV page. If the variable isn’t present in the URL, then don’t display the page or display a message telling people to pay first. Otherwise anyone could just go to the FV page and call you before paying.

    Thanks, I have no idea how to do any of this. What I did tho, was link the payment button to each of my readers pages before, so they can choose how many minutes they want with a reader. And on top of the readers payment page, I did title it, Please pay first, then call me, but with this, they can still just call without paying. So, I still have that problem and I do not understand how to put the variables in to avoid that, nor do I understand how to link my telephone number with paypal. I tried linking my phone number, but it just comes back with some kind of message saying I don’t have any software to use with the “tel” command or something like that. I do have a call into Freedom Voice to possibly help me and also my web people, but have no response yet. I did see your link, tho, and it looks very nice. Thank you. If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate it, and I will give paypal a call and see if they can help me also. Thanks again! Here is the link to my website if you would like to take a look around so you can see what I am talking about.

    Guess it didn’t include my link, anyways it is

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    Try using Paypal’s online button generator. It will create the code for you. I believe you can specify the return URL there.

    You need to check for the custom variable in your WordPress backend, before you load the page with the phone number. That’s how you check if they paid first. Well, I’m sure there are other ways but this is the simplest way I came up with.

    Something like this would go in your functions.php:

    add_action('template_redirect', 'check_for_payment_first');
    function check_for_payment_first() {
      if (is_page('call-now')) {
        if (!isset($_GET['opa'])) {
          wp_die('You must pay first before you can call');
          // or
          wp_redirect('http://www.payment page')

    So let’s say your return URL is

    When someone makes a payment, they will be redirected to this URL. The code above looks for the ‘opa’ and if it is not present, it does not display the page. As an alternative, you could redirect them to your payment page. Note that that I didn’t test this code.

    If this is still too much for you, maybe use a membership plugin?

    Hi, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I tried the functions.php, could not figure out where to put it in there. I sent it to my programmers, hopefully they will get it figured out. It just takes them so long to do anything..that is why I am attempting to do it myself. I just do not understand php at all, no matter how much I have tried. Maybe my only option is to just remove the phone number from the top of my site and just put it on a page, so people can see they have to pay to get the phone number. I also saw the membership plugins you suggested, they are hard for me to figure out also. So, I guess I will just have them remove the phone number, and put it on a page, so when people want to call, they will be charged. Now to get something to time the minutes they buy! When their time they purchased runs out, their call ends, but they will still have the option of buying more time. Any suggestions for that one? I contacted a download called oik. Hopefully that one will get me what I want. I downloaded it, but don’t understand all of it. Hopefully I can get it figured out. I filled out what I was supposed to, but its not showing anything that I filled out. Oh well! I’m hopeful! Thanks again!

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