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  • I’m not sure if this is the place to post this.

    As a displaced New Orleanean who was fortunate to have evacuated last year, I have been watching the events around Hurricane Katrina with sadness, anger, and a growing need to contribute more than just money. I am increasingly disturbed by the number of news outlets and blogs reporting rumors and participating in reactionary reporting as opposed to contributing helpful information. Plus, I have found that there are many, many websites forming that are attempting to help with everything from raising money to helping people locate each other to starting projects that will help those affected by the hurricane to sort out their lives and get back on their feet. Yet, there are already website and email hoaxes out there.

    I am starting a wordpress website which I will pay for and will not use any for-profit advertising on to report on all of this in hopes there can be a portal out there to connect everything and everyone out there who are trying to help and to warn people of hoaxes. This is a major undertaking. I am looking for help. I am trying to coerse friends from “back home” to contribute and blog about their experiences but I want to invite other people to join in.

    I will be using my other web-psuedonym (as my real life friends don’t know me as N. Mallory), Conspiracy Girl, and the website will be There is currently a shell up with test posts. I will be using the News Times template, I think. I also need a better title for the site.

    Thanks for listening – er – reading.

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  • How about “We SHALL overcome….”

    Oh, I like that!

    Oh, how I remember the scam parade after 9-11, when I was frantically trying to determine the whereabouts and safety of all my friends in Manhattan (I worked there for over 10 years, though I wasn’t during 9-11.)

    This Katrina disaster brought that so strongly back to mind I posted here:
    Katrina Relief
    with some info on how to donate SAFELY and ensure your donation is really going to where you want it to go. Feel free to use, abuse, steal or whatever . . . as long as people get the info.

    Keep me posted please NMallory…. vkaryl*at*bytehaven*dot*com – let me know what you need and if it’s something I know how to do, I’ll do it.

    OK I’ve got some stuff up. I’ll work more on it tomorrow.

    I’m still looking for writers. I need to take a little of the obsession off my shoulders.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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