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  • A few functionality issues for me.

    1. Running 3.5.1 multi-site with Woothemes Canvas
    2. Installs, activates & loads OK
    3. But when plugin activated, knocks out display of the main Woo sliders
    4. Twitter feed was not displayed?
    5. Could not find where email subscriptions are landed – eg. can it be pointed at an account like AWeber?
    6. Option to position on l/h side of screen would be good.

    Realise that it is a new plug in, so not sure if it’s me that needs the help or if there’s some more development to do? Great looking product, so hope can get it working properly.

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  • Plugin Author ModManMatt


    i use a non woo theme i do know that it is compatible with
    1. Graphene Theme
    2. Twenty Eleven
    3. Twenty Twelve
    If you are having an issue with your theme you might want to try looking at the head tags this plugin adds like the example code below

    // this wil add the action trigger to your wp site using the wp_head Trigger
      add_action('wp_head', 'insert_css_code');
      add_action('wp_head', 'insert_social_slider_code');

    Let me know if you are able to get a work around for your theme so others can see your fix other then that i am not sure about the theme issue yet.

    Plugin Author ModManMatt


    Yes sorry for my delay i will be releasing update soon i have been rather busy with the ebay dashboard tools plugin.. i will push a new version in a moment with comments at the points where all data is inserted for the different social slider systems. the update later tonight should have the options page working where everything can be configured without needing to edit the code… still a bit of a newb with wordpress plugin development but im getting the hang of it fast and plan to publish more plugins 🙂 WordPress Code is Poetry <3 🙂

    Plugin Author
    Posted 4 days ago #

    AS for the Slider Screen Placement option… i will be adding optons to place on left, right, top and bottom will come eventually in future updates.. i am alone on the development for these so any code snipets and help is appreciated 🙂


    Thanks for the update & note the good progress.
    Have just re-loaded the latest version & shows a few issues;

    1. Loading, position etc to right side of screen – good

    2. Loading, position etc to left of screen – ok, but the social name tabs are the same – ie. they have not been horizontally flipped, so curved edge faces wrong way.

    3. Unfortunately, bigger issue is that there’s some kind of clash with Woothemes slider, which does not now display. So will need to take Social Slider off again whilst we find a work round for this – any ideas?

    4. Twitter account / feed would not register / display.

    5. Please can you confirm functionality and any settings requirement / development for the 4th tab – Subscribe. Does it only deliver an email to us as interested to know if it can it be made to drop / ping the data to our database?

    Looking good though and hope you can get these items ironed out.


    Plugin Author ModManMatt


    twitter function works as of version 1.4.6 just add the twitter name not the “” instead you would just add “calicotek” to the settings as the twitter name…. i plan to make new version have fix to flip the images over for left side placement and i would like to find a fix for your theme issue.. please email me a link to your theme at so i can grab a copy and add to my sandbox site and test a fix, im sure its some small mundane detail. yes i plan to make a few different email widgets and other slider options for more social media places.. as for the setting tab 3 and 4 dont actually do anything the google plus requires no setting it uses your web address its running from to add a plus the email slider is still in the works was giving me a little trouble but ill get it sorted expect all the issues to be taken care of soon in the next version 🙂 thank you for your messages and reviews it helps me develop and i am gratefull 🙂

    Plugin Author ModManMatt


    oh as for the current email its a subscribe button to subscribe to an email list like a newsletter…. this button is the least popular i will probably remove or make an optional function later and replace this with a pinterest button or something not sure yet.. as for now though email button does not function… new version will post in a few days and you will start to see what i mean and where i am going with this project 🙂
    i am considering sliders for places like etsy, amazon, pinterest, linkdin, myspace… have any slides you would like to see as options for this plugin?


    Sorry but not sure if I understand your request for emailing you a link to my theme? Do you mean that you want a copy of it or link to their website?

    Re your comments on the email subscribe button, understand that ut may not be as well used as the social tabs, but for the opportunity to catch signups I feel that it’s a good thing to have – particularly if it can be dropped straight into a list automatically.

    I guess thought that every user / site will have different preferences ….. and maybe you will end up developing a variety of choices …. that the user drops into the 4 tabs fields that are available?

    Let me know about the theme again & I look forward to seeing the next release.

    Plugin Author ModManMatt


    a copy or a link to grab my own copy of the theme to test and find the issue….
    yes new version will have a check box system to add and remove your slider choices from being displayed on the site… i am also adding different email sliders for signup newsletter and email us link / form. and will work on getting the email news letter signup system to work..

    future version will have a system to organize and reorder the sliders to change the position order.. 🙂 new version will be coming out tonight with allot of these features added

    I cannot turn on/off



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    Plugin Author ModManMatt


    ok i fixed the slider images to reflect what side you choose for display images now mirror correctly i am trying to get the on off switches and fix an issue with template sliders css stop template sliders from breaking..

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