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  • In a nutshell – been working all weekend on a new site. Found the perfect theme – all I had to do was tweak it to suit my needs.

    Now I have 4 major problems:

    1. Cannot get the pages to load into JUST the left side (sidebar is on right, switching them would be a better thing for me)
      And, when I adjust the alignment, the “captions” for the rotating pics adjusts as well.

    Cannot manage to get the calendar to show up on the main page

    Cannot get rid of the search stuff (not needed as this is not a blog site – will attempt to put a Google search later for these pages only as archives will need to be searched for past articles

  • Can’t seem to increase the size of the text in the sidebar
  • I have done this before – but am totally baffled by this now.

    Test website is:
    Test Site

    My other site

    The only difference I can find is that I had totally coded and published the fair webpages is CSS before ever attempting to use WordPress- and just plugging it in was so much easier. The new pages I started out with WordPress alone.

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